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Links to GB-related displays that we have noted on other sites around the Web. If you know of any others, or discover that one of these is no longer available, please let the know.

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Postage Stamps

Title and description Pages Author Source
The R.M.Phillips Collection
In 1965 Reginald M Phillips donated his award-winning collection of British Victorian stamps to the nation, to form the basis of a National Postal Museum. The collection has now been digitised.
45 volumes Reginald Phillips The Postal Museum
The First Postage Stamp 80 Josef Neumann Exponet
Great Britain Imperforate Line Engraved - The Vanity and the Insanity 16 Richard Frajola Exponet
"My Victoria" (Plate Position "CG") 106 Chip Gliedman owner
Great Britain - Two Pence Plate 3 and 4 16 Roger Marsch Exponet
Great Britain 1840-1873 80 Petr Radosta Exponet
1880 One Penny Venetian Red 16 Miroslav Štotka Exponet
The Ł5 Orange 80 Dr John Horsey owner

Postal History

Title and description Pages Author Source
Mail Between British North America & UK, 1766-1875 130 David Handelman Exponet
Great Britain 1814-1901 64 Antonín Mojsl Exponet
Postal Mechanisation for Philatelists 24 PDFs Alistair Nixon owner
Studying Thunderstorms by Mail 16 Michel Houde Exponet

Military Mail

Title and description Pages Author Source
Christmas 1917 48 Peter Burrows Forces PHS
Covers Delivered by British Field Post System at Western Front in 1914-1919 16 Lubor Kunc Exponet
The RAF and the Liberation of Western Europe 40 Nick Colley Forces PHS
Royal Navy Censor Markings of WW2 37 Colin Tabeart Forces PHS
Suez Canal Crisis 13 Nick Colley Forces PHS

Postal Stationery

Title and description Pages Author Source
The Elizabethan Coronation Airletters 16 Erica Genge AAPE
The "Houses of Parliament" Airletters 16 Erica Genge AAPE

Other Subjects

Title and description Pages Author Source
Foreign Bill Revenues 1854-1881 16 Dave Elsmore Revenue Society
The Lundy Island Anti-Malaria Issue for The World United Against Malaria Campaign 16 Larry Fillion AAPE
United Nations London 14 Jack Mayer AAPE