Historical Studies

A selection of historical works with a postal connection, including a number of classic early histories. Also included in this section are biographies, and a few contemporary works and reports on various aspects of the Post Office.

The Royal Mail to Ireland
Edward Watson
[290pp, 13.0Mb, 1917]

Life and Letters of Sir John Henniker Heaton
Mrs Adrian Porter
[354pp, 7.0Mb, 1916]
One of the great postal reformers

The History of the British Post Office
[284pp, 6.5Mb, 1912]

The King's Post - the Posts of Bristol from 1580
[386pp, 15.3Mb, 1905]

On the Track of the Mail Coach
[370pp, 4.1Mb, 1895]
"Reminiscences, personal and otherwise"

The Post in Grant and Farm
James Wilson Hyde
[384pp, 5.4Mb, 1894]
The early posts c.1590-1677

The History of the Post Office from its Establishment Down to 1836
Herbert Joyce
[480pp, 30.4Mb, 1893]
One of the classic histories of the Post Office

The Royal Mail, its Curiosities and Romance
James Wilson Hyde
[448pp, 8Mb, 1885]
2nd edition

The Post Office and the Electric Telegraph
[81pp, 3.2Mb, 1867]
Contemporary argument for 'nationalisation' of the telegraph system

The General Post Office London
Illustrated London News
[23pp, 8.1Mb, 1844]
22 and 29 June, transcribed by Allan Oliver

Illustrations of the Site and Neighbourhood of the New Post Office
[79pp, 23.7Mb, 1830]
Maps and history of St. Martin's-le-Grand