Links to documents that can be downloaded and which provide information of use to GB collectors -- some provided by our members, some classic or historical texts from other sources such as Google Books or the Web Archive Project. Page counts and approximate file sizes are given. Most are redistributable on a non-commercial basis (files available to GBPS members only are marked ).

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Official PO Documents

Official publications from the Post Office or other branches of the government, containing much information on the posts of the time.

Parliamentary Reports Official reports made by the order of Parliament, either from the Post Office itself or from various commissions of inquiry. Link
Reports of the
Postmaster General
Produced annually from 1855, these reports contain summaries of developments in the preceding year, together with statistics and often unusual "stories". Link
Staff Handbooks Official handbooks for Post Office employees, explaining the rules and methods for carrying out their jobs. Link
QEII Plate and
Cylinder Data
Data from the archive files containing details of all pre-decimal cylinders and plates.Transcribed by Peter Shaw. Link
Airmail Leaflets Leaflets giving rates, routes and posting details for air post from the UK issued between 1919-72. Link
Miscellaneous Other miscellaneous types of official document. Link

Postal Directories

Postal information for particular years, often invaluable for rates, routes, and practices.

Post Office Guides The Post Office Guide (British Postal Guide until 1881), published from 1856 for the information of Post Office staff and the public on postal regulations, Post Office services, and (before 1936) a list of current Post Offices. Link
General Directories Published volumes giving the mileages of the main roads, and thus very helpful for working out pre-1840 mileage-based rates. Link

Historical Studies

A selection of historical works with a postal connection.

Penny Postage Documents (from both official and private sources) relating to the great Penny Postage reforms of 1840 and their aftermath. Link
General Histories Historical works with a postal connection, including several classic early histories. Also includes biographies and contemporary reports on the Post Office. Link
Postal Museum
Information Sheets
Selected general information sheets originally issued in the 1980s by the Post Office Archives (as they were then known) and reproduced with permission. Link

Philatelic Studies

Works specifically from a philatelic rather than a historical point of view.

Postage Stamps Works (general or specific) on British postage stamps. Link
Postal Markings
Works (general or specific) on British postmarks. Link
Postal History General postal history subjects other than pure postmark studies. Link
Stanton Booklet Cards The notes of the pioneer collector of GB booklets. Link
Miscellaneous Other GB "back of the book" or Cinderella topics. Link

London Postal History Group Collection

The output of the London Postal History Group from 1971-2009, archived here by agreement.

LPHG Publications Books and originally papers produced by the LPHG. Link
LPHG Notebook The magazine of the LPHG from 1971 to 2009. Link