Postal History

Works on general postal history subjects (i.e. other than those which focus mosrly on postmark studies, which are listed separately).

We have tried to list these as far as possible in date order of their subject matter, although since many of the books and monographs cover a wide date range of material this can only be approximate.

Falmouth Packet Sailings to North America 1755-1840
John Olenkiewicz
[121pp, 4.2Mb, 2013]
Between Falmouth and various ports, chiefly NY and Halifax

Falmouth Packet Sailings to Surinam etc 1810-1816
John Olenkiewicz
[9pp, 705Kb, 2013]
Between Falmouth and Surinam, thence to other Caribbean ports

Falmouth Packet Sailings to South America 1824-1832
John Olenkiewicz
[10pp, 319Kb, 2013]
Between Falmouth and Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio

North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75
Walter Hubbard and Richard F. Winter
[436pp, 55Mb, 1988]
By kind permission of the US Philatelic Classics Society. Includes the revisions

British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century
Ritchie Bodily, Chris Jarvis, and Charless Hahn
[347pp, 112Mb, 1984]
By kind permission of the Collectors Club of Chicago

Royal Household Mail
Glenn H Morgan
[243pp, 10.8Mb, 1992-2012]
Mail from the royal residences, households and offices of Great Britain. Includes 2012 updates

House of Commons Post Office Factsheet
[21pp, 623Kb, 2010]
Archived official factsheet with the history up to 2010

Coronation 1937 Covers, an illustrated listing
Allan Oliver
[106pp, 8.2Mb, 2004]

High Value Packets and Bankers Special Packets the Post Office 'secret' services
Mike O'Hara
[223pp, 57Mb, 2012]
Comprehensive treatment of these two services

British Post Office Santa Mail Service
Glenn H Morgan
[24pp, 2.0Mb, 1989]
The story of the service still provided to this day for children who write to Father Christmas