Redirection Charges

1844 - registered letter paid 2d postage (stamps) + 1s registration (cash)
Charge on redirection was 2d only -- at prepaid rate even though unpaid,
and no registration redirect charge

Mail that was redirected was originally treated as requiring a fresh payment for the second or subsequent transmission through the post, although shortly after the introduction of the Uniform Penny Post the redirection charge was set at the prepaid rate even if unpaid (which would usually have required a double fee). The fee could be paid on redirection or charged to the recipient. An exception was that there was no extra charge on mail redirected within the same delivery area.

In the 1890s the charge for redirection was abolished as a concession and never reintroduced, although a charge equal to the original postage was levied on undelivered halfpenny packets (printed matter and postcards) if the sender wished them to be returned.

On registered letters the registration fee covered the letter throughout its journey, and so this fee was not charged again upon redirection.

International redirection of an inland letter required payment of the difference between inland and overseas rates.

Date Charge Notes
Before 1840
(10 Jan)
Actual charge between places Charge added to the charge for the original journey, if (as usual) unpaid - as this varied according to distance, they were seldom actually the same
(10 Jan)
Charged as if a new letter Paid or unpaid rate depending on whether the redirecter paid the new postage or not
Charged as new letter at paid rate Regardless of whether the redirecter paid the new postage or not, and whether originally prepaid or not
(1 Jun)
Charge abolished Letters only
(1 Jan)
Charge abolished Postcards, book post, newspapers and samples