This section covers the UPU overseas surface mail rates in force in the UK.

The UPU began as the General Postal Union on 1st July 1875 and took its current name in 1878, and rates could still vary quite considerably between UPU and non-UPU destinations until 1892. The various services available are listed here with the dates during which they were offered. There were additional services (such as parcel post) and it is hoped to include these in time.

Naturally, in 1875 and indeed in 1892 there was no distinct category of "surface mail" as all mail was sent by land and/or sea. Airmail as a separate category began to develop after the First World War and rates for air services are listed separately.

General Note: Assistance is welcomed -- indeed solicited -- from any collectors who can make additional rate information available in a suitable format. Please with details.