Volume 57 (2019)

Volume 56
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Volume 57, Number 1

1 Die Proofs of De La Rue (3) - Progressive Proofs on White Card by Peter Young (M)
4 Do Archer-Perforated Stamps from Plate 95 Actually Exist? by Mike Williams (L)
9 A Fresh Look at Postage Stamp Perforation 1880-1901 by Ray Simpson (L)
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Volume 57, Number 2

25 A New Discovery: QV 2s 6d (SG 175) On Cover by James Heal (M)
27 KEVII 2s 6d (SG 260) Single Franking Cover by James Heal (S)
28 Type 3 Post Office Express Label by Roger West and Steven Harrison (S)
29 KGV 1½d Royal Cypher (SG 362-365, N18) with Distorted Watermark by John Gledhill (S)
30 King Edward VII 1½d - Unusual Shade by Alan Vaughan (S)
31 Brecknock Mileage Mark Error by Don Davies (L)
36 1854 Embossed 6d on a Tiny Registered Parcel? by Peter Newroth (M)
38 1855/1856 4d Carmine - Half-Moon Flaw by Andrew Patmore (S)
39 A Great Britain Wrapper Directed to a Ship Passenger in Suez by Dr John K. Courtis (L)
44 1913 Profile Head Multiple Cypher Roll End Dates by Dave Cox (M)
46 KGV 1s Plate Flaw - 'ONF' for 'ONE' by David Poynton (M)
48 The Launceston Sideways Duplex That Wasn't by Ray Barton (S)

Volume 57, Number 3

49 King Edward VII 1d Plate 48 by Alan Vaughan (S)
50 The Early Repairs to Penny Black Plate 9 by Kevin Maunder (L)
60 Tadcaster C.D.S. Fault Solved by Ken Brown (N)
60 Correction - KGV 1s Plate Flaw (C)
61 What's Special About 14 September 1923? by David Kaiserman (S)
62 Printings of the KEVII 6d Plate 9 by Peter Hawkes (M)
64 Inland Revenue 2s 6d Stamp by Edward Walker (S)
65 A King Edward VIII Mystery by Robin Restall (M)
68 Booklet Byways - King Edward VII Inside Front Cover Essay by Ian Harvey (M)
69 Die Proofs of De La Rue (4) - Progressive Proofs of De La Rue - Experimental Dies by Peter Young (M)
72 Meter Mark Mystery by Mike Jackson and Gwynne Harries (S)

Volume 56