Book review, George V & The GPO - Stamps, Conflict and Creativity (Muir) (Wilkinson) [R] 48(3)60

The King's Obsession - A King and his Stamps. Shamash (Jackson) [R] 51(6)141

Booklet perforation Type B3 and B4a (Lawrence) [M] 24(5)71

Cancelling lines (Mark & Moorcroft) [L] 36(4)72, (Simpson) [M] 36(5)89

Colour trials, Huber inks (Wilkinson) [N] 33(4)73

Commemoratives, general account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)47

Display, 13 Dec. 1986, KGV by Leslie Wilkinson (Kirk) [S] 25(2)21

29 Oct. 1988, KEVII to KGVI by Hassan Shaida (Harman) [S] 27(2)33

17 Nov. 1990, KGV by Hassan Shaida (Gilbert) [S] 29(1)14

Inland Revenue Stamping Dept, archives of (Wiseman) [L] 36(6)114

Interpane gutter, removal of (Wiseman) [N] 36(6)116

NPM, list of material returned to (NPM Press Release) [L] 36(3)44

Paper, Crown watermark, survey of types (Pusterla) [L] 37(3)53, (Pusterla) [L] 37(4)76, (Pusterla) [L] 37(5)86

size (Simpson) [M] 36(5)89

size of (Mark & Moorcroft) [L] 36(4)72

Perforation, missing pins (Price) [M] 28(1)6, (Jones) [S] 29(2)40

Profile Head, general account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)38

introduction of (Wilkinson) [L] 25(4)65, (Wilkinson) [L] 25(5)94, (Wilkinson) [L] 26(1)9

Prussian blue inks (McBride) [M] 43(1)5

Shades (Garnsey) [S] 42(5)97

green (Ressler) [M] 31(3)46

measurement of (Currie) [M] 38(6)105, (Harman) [M] 39(1)12, (Peacock) [M] 39(1)13, (Allan) [S] 39(1)15, (Cranmer) [M] 39(2)28, (Currie) [M] 39(2)29, (Wiseman) [S] 39(2)32, (McGill) [S] 39(4)76

Specimens, from the Mauritania UPU Specimen Archive (Jackson) [M] 49(6)141

Trial printing, KEVII 1d, diagonal o/p CANCELLED, SG Spec. M6t (Wiseman) [L] 40(1)6

Variety, circular flaws (Brooks) [N] 32(2)31

Waterlow provisional printing (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

Watermark, Simple Cypher, types (Bolzan) [L] 25(1)4

Watermarked papers (Jackson) [L] 28(5)106