1883-84 'Lilac and Green' Issue

d used fiscally (Taylor) [S] 34(5)97

2d, printing flaw, dirt on the plate (Young) [M] 41(2)38

5d, line under d (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)36

6d 'SPECIMEN' wmk sideways-inverted (Bass) [N] 39(4)75

9d, used on cover (Wheat) [M] 47(2)25

used on cover, survey (Brauers) [M] 39(5)87, (Wheat) [S] 39(6)115, (Davis) [S] 39(6)115

Colour trials, De La Rue (Young) [L] 21(6)74

of the 2d (Phillips) [S] 29(3)46

without corner letters (Ffooks) [L] 33(2)21, (Wiseman) [S] 33(3)52, (Ffooks) [M] 33(4)69

Die proofs (Galland) [M] 37(5)94

Forgeries (Ffooks) [S] 27(2)35, (Crookes) [N] 27(3)59