Booklets and Booklet Stamps

Advertisements, Dubarry, Part 1: plates (Ramsay & Mynott) [L] 53(3)55

Part 2: settings (Ramsay & Mynott) [L] 53(5)108, (Ramsay & Mynott) [L] 53(6)129

coloured (Musry & Ramsay) [L] 51(3)49

on front covers (Alexander) [M] 35(3)41

Advertising labels, in booklet panes (Heal) [L] 57(5)110

Advertising, local editions (Alexander) [M] 24(3)45

Air Mail panes (Musry & Ramsay) [L] 52(4)82

Beatrix Potter (Latto) [S] 32(1)16

Book review, 'The Bookmark' Catalogue of British Decimal Stamp Books. Comp. and ed. Fasching (Jackson) [R] 37(5)84

CANCELLED overprints, on Wildings (Lawrence) [S] 25(2)29

Chalk-surfaced paper trials, 1905 (Powell) [M] 25(2)38

Cover design, Mow Cop Castle (Alexander) [M] 34(1)13

De La Rue booklets 1904-1910 (Wellsted) [L] 22(5)66

Display, 18 Feb. 1989, Booklets by Pete West (Gilbert) [S] 27(3)45

16 Mar. 1991, Booklet Issues of KGV to QEII by Ian Harvey (Gilbert) [S] 29(3)56

Experimental packs, Scottish (Nicolson) [L] 42(4)80, (Alexander) [M] 44(2)39

Ford's blotting paper (Ramsay) [L] 52(1)1

Graphite line booklets (Loveland) [M] 25(3)44

Green phosphor (Loveland) [M] 25(4)75

booklets (Loveland) [M] 25(4)75

KEVII, 1d, raised cliches (Powell) [S] 24(1)7

voucher pane (Sprei) [N] 22(1)15

Crown watermark displacement (Harvey) [S] 57(5)114

inside front cover essay (Harvey) [M] 57(3)68, (Harvey) [S] 57(4)91

KEVIII, booklets (Clark) [L] 42(5)101, (Clark) [C] 44(4)87

panes of two (Sanders) [S] 31(4)65, (Harvey) [M] 31(5)91

KGV, 1d, deepened die (Wilkinson) [S] 37(5)93

Block Cypher, d, watermark sideways-inverted (Bellew) [N] 37(2)38

1d, watermark sideways (Jackson) [N] 30(2)32

Booklet BB9 stapled & stitched (Musry) [S] 43(1)8

PUC, 2s stapled (Billinghurst) [N] 28(5)101

Photogravure, Booklet BB17, advert. panes (Clark) [M] 41(4)61

advert. panes (Harvey) [M] 35(5)95, (Harvey) [C] 36(1)17

booklet panes (Harvey) [S] 35(2)38, (Harvey) [N] 35(3)59

Royal Cypher, d New Moon flaw (Clark) [L] 42(2)25

Silver Jubilee, 1d panes (Russell) [M] 52(3)70

error of make-up (Ramsay) [M] 51(3)55

interleaf numbers (Ramsay) [L] 51(1)1

KGVI, 1d, Cyl. F dot 9 (Moran) [N] 29(3)43, (Rundo) [N] 29(4)76, (Sprei) [N] 29(4)76

2d, miscut pane (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)44

2s 6d, 1954 booklet with 'shorthand' label pane (Musry) [S] 41(1)19

miscut (Holt) [N] 27(5)98

5s, overprinted CANCELLED (Barrell) [S] 41(1)19

Booklet BD13 in red (Musry) [S] 43(1)9

Booklet BD14 in blue (Musry) [S] 43(1)9

advert. panes (Worsfold) [M] 45(6)125

cylinder numbers (West & Harvey) [S] 30(1)19, (Jackson) [C] 30(2)31

miscut panes (Holt) [N] 27(5)98

panes of four (Homer-Wooff) [L] 51(5)100, (Jackson) [C] 51(6)138

panes of two (Lawrence) [S] 22(1)8

Machin, sheet layout on plastic film (McGill & Deering) [L] 56(2)26

Panes of two, KGVI & QEII (West & Harvey) [M] 30(5)92

KGVI and QEII (Lawrence) [M] 21(1)14, (Harvey) [C] 32(2)39

Perforation (Lawrence) [M] 24(5)70

Type B3 and B4a (Lawrence) [M] 24(5)70

Phosphor bands, application of (Harvey & Stafford) [L] 41(5)89

Post Office Training School, overprinted CANCELLED (Barnes) [N] 25(3)60

Pricing, more or less than face value (Latto) [M] 32(1)16

Proof, striking book, 1903 (Lajer) [N] 35(1)20

Proofs for covers, pre-decimal Machins (Harvey) [L] 33(6)101, (Harvey) [C] 34(2)37

QEII, 1992 6 Wales Prestige multivalue pane, missing phosphor (Holt) [N] 30(3)59

Booklet SG Spec. F14a (Musry) [S] 43(1)10

First Archaeology 50p, miscut (Holt) [N] 30(3)59

Machin 50p folded booklet (Bainbridge) [M] 29(5)92

Machin miscut pane (Daniels) [N] 31(5)96

dummy books for interleaving, 1955 (Harvey) [L] 57(4)92

varieties (Cooter) [S] 33(1)12

Revenue stamps (Dagnall) [S] 32(1)9

Series 3 (Harvey) [S] 32(4)80

Technograv Derby Ltd, supplier of cylinders (McGill & Deering) [L] 56(2)26

Tourist packs, produced by Marketing Partnership for Royal Mail trial (Alexander) [L] 56(1)1

Trials, early (Lawrence) [M] 26(3)56

Used booklet panes, how to collect (Harvey) [L] 56(4)90

Varieties on (West) [M] 26(2)32

Watermark orientation, on Downey Head panes (Jackson) [S] 27(3)60