'1 in Circle' marks, 1686-87 (Grimwood-Taylor) [M] 38(4)65

'3 in Circle' mark, 1688-89 (Grimwood-Taylor) [S] 38(4)69

'ATF' mark, 1840 (Kirk) [M] 29(5)85, (Kirk) [C] 30(1)20

'C88', 1864 1d cancelled with (H & B Philatelists Ltd) [N] 28(1)16

'CH' Inspector's handstamp (Welch) [S] 21(3)35, (Forbes-Nixon) [N] 21(5)62, (Routh) [S] 22(1)10

'CHRISTIANSSAND' (Barstow) [S] 44(2)34

'Hot Cross Bun' cancellations, 1880-84 (Davis) [M] 36(5)87

'Hot Cross Bun' marks (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)8

1681-87 (Grimwood-Taylor) [L] 38(4)62

'K. R. MORLEY / HULL' (Barstow) [S] 44(2)34

'L4' late fee mark, survey (Galland & Lajer) [L] 40(6)116, (Johnson) [S] 46(3)63, (Galland & Lajer) [M] 46(6)135

'Madeleine Smith' postmark (Dagnall) [S] 35(4)71

'Malin' experimental machine cancellation (Papadopoulos) [L] 46(5)97

'No. 1B' in circle (Higson) [N] 49(3)70

'P.P.12/PAID' (Higson) [N] 49(3)70

'S' in circle, army censor mark (Lockton) [N] 27(4)74, (Daniel) [S] 28(1)16

'SE', London District (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 46(6)142

'SHIP LOST' (Johnson) [M] 45(1)8

'SHIP MISSING' (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 44(6)139

'SHIP SUBMARINED' (Johnson) [M] 45(1)8

'W' mark, London District (Taylor) [S] 47(1)3

'WITHIN WEIGHT' handstamp (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 37(5)98

A01 cancellation (Melrose) [M] 34(4)76, (Brooks) [M] 34(6)110, (Louis) [N] 35(2)37

used on Togo mail (Mayne) [M] 40(3)60

Army Official, postmarks on (Taylor) [M] 26(1)6

Army, first handstruck stamp (Jackson) [N] 33(5)94

Barred numeral, used in 1937 (Gowland) [S] 43(6)137

Bath circular handstamps 1810-1822 (Bridgwater) [L] 53(5)98

Bishop Mark (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)6

The (Kirk) [M] 27(5)90

Book review, Brunswick Star Cancels. Arundel (Sherman) [R] 33(1)16

Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red. Danzig and Goldsmith (Jackson) [R] 29(4)71

Charge Marks of the 4d Post 1839-1840. Chadwick (Jackson) [R] 28(5)103

Collect British Postmarks, 5th edn (Gilbert) [R] 28(3)75

8th edn (Jackson) [R] 50(6)127

9th edn, 2013 (Jackson) [R] 52(3)69

Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks, 1987. Cohen (Jackson) [R] 26(3)41

Supplement No. 2. Cohen (Jackson) [R] 31(5)87

Supplement No. 4. Cohen (Jackson) [R] 38(2)40

Die 4-Handstempel der Experimental Fourpenny Rate. (Jackson) [R] 40(5)96

Dotted Circle Cancellations. Arundel (Sherman) [R] 36(1)19

Irish Spoon Cancellations. Arundel (Sherman) [R] 36(1)19

London Fancy Geometric Postmarks. Cohen (Huggins) [R] 23(1)2

Postal Markings of England, London and Wales 1661-1900. Sanford (Jackson) [R] 24(4)62

Scots Local Cancellations Illustrated, 1854-1860. Alcock (Jackson) [R] 23(3)33

Spoon Cancels 1853-1870. Spoon Study Group (Jackson) [R] 30(4)68

Squared Circle Pmks of the London Suburban Offices. Cohen (Dagnall) [R] 21(4)45

Stamps and Postmarks Illustrating the History of NATO. SHAPE Stamp Club (Huggins) [R] 22(1)16

The Use of the 1894 Coded Time System in British Post Offices. Moy (Jackson) [R] 38(1)17

The Use of the 1894 Coded Time System in English Provincial Offices. Moy (Jackson) [R] 30(1)9

UK Machine Marks, 2nd edn. Peach (Dagnall) [R] 21(4)45

Undated Circular Marks of Somerset and Dorset (Jackson) [R] 30(2)30

Undated Circular Marks of the Midland Counties, 1986 rev. edn. Pub. Midland (GB) Postal History Society (Jackson) [R] 25(5)92

Pub. Midland (GB) Postal History Society (Jackson) [R] 24(4)49

Undated Straight Line and Numbered Receiving House Marks of the Midland Counties. Pub. Midland (GB) Postal History Society (Dagnall) [R] 27(3)41

Brecknock, mileage mark error (Davies) [L] 57(2)31

Bristol handstruck marks (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)9

Brunswick Star cancellations (Thomas) [L] 45(3)49

Charge marks, handstamped (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 25(2)25

Circular datestamps, Newcastle-on-Tyne (Taylor) [M] 33(4)78

Cloth-covered (Taylor) [L] 50(3)65

D27 cancellation (Hollins) [S] 37(6)117

Date slug varieties and reversed letters (Robinson) [M] 35(2)22

Deficiency Paid handstamp (Finch) [N] 31(5)96, (Beard) [N] 32(1)20

Display, Numeral Chargemark Handstamps by Peter Chadwick (Chadwick) [S] 30(2)28

Dockwra marks (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)7

Double-ring datestamps with star (Gould) [M] 30(2)38, (Kewley) [N] 30(3)58, (Baker) [N] 30(4)79

Dublin Duplex, diamond-shaped datestamps 1853-58 (Davis) [M] 31(3)56

Duplex, origin of (Dagnall) [M] 35(4)71

Errors, date & time (Taylor) [M] 32(5)93

Exeter handstruck marks (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)9

Fishing port postmarks (Barstow) [S] 44(2)34

Free franks, black handstamps of London (Galland) [L] 56(6)121

Industrial action cachet, 1981 (Gould) [N] 21(3)39

Jersey, disputed (Kearsley) [L] 46(1)4, (Melrose) [S] 46(1)8

Late mail, provisional London handstamp? (Watkins) [L] 57(5)116

London District, 'SE' cancellation (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 46(6)142

W mark (Taylor) [S] 47(1)3

London, 1844 (Kirk) [M] 24(4)58

Cateaton Street Penny Post, 1795 (Teuma) [M] 55(6)129

Greenwich Twopenny Post (Teuma) [M] 55(6)129

Grenville Street Twopenny Post (Teuma) [M] 55(6)129

postmark with 'JA' (Atkinson) [N] 21(3)39

MA - March or May? (Jackson) [S] 42(5)97, (Wylde) [S] 42(6)138, (Turner) [S] 43(1)11

Machine cancellation, 'Malin' experimental (Papadopoulos) [L] 46(5)97

Machine postmarks, experimental & early (Miller) [L] 43(5)103

Maltese Cross, London Inland Office (Hughes) [L] 50(6)135

No. 5 in red, fake? (Cassell) [M] 42(1)19

Sleaford, crimson (Jackson) [S] 49(2)48

different numbers on same piece (Pickering) [S] 34(5)99, (Louis) [S] 34(6)117, (Louis) [S] 35(1)11

distinctive (Griffin) [N] 29(4)67

distinctive Newcastle upon Tyne (Taylor) [M] 43(3)51

distinctive, Chelmsford (Gessler) [S] 25(3)59

Liverpool (Robinson) [S] 28(3)57

Plymouth/Norwich (Herrity) [M] 38(6)101

circle in centre (Robinson) [S] 37(4)72

early use of black (Claridge) [L] 42(3)49

end of (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 41(5)104, (Hughes) [M] 42(4)90

end of, in Edinburgh (Turner) [M] 42(5)96

multiple strikes (Forbes-Nixon) [M] 49(5)119

numbered (Lockton) [M] 35(1)10

numbered, '6' or '9'? (Mitchell) [M] 38(2)39

3 with cross (Jackson) [N] 40(1)5

on 2d Mulready (Compton) [M] 31(5)88

red and black on turned envelope (Cassell) [M] 44(4)88

red, forgeries (Chappell) [L] 45(2)42, (Louis) [M] 45(4)94

Mileage marks, Brecknock, error (Davies) [L] 57(2)31

Missent mail, to Ryde (Parsons) [N] 26(3)60

travelling post offices (Millson) [M] 26(2)35

types of handstamps (Millson) [S] 25(5)91

Mulready, (2d) with numbers in Maltese Cross cancellations (Compton) [M] 31(5)88

Naval, postmarks of the First World War (Gould) [S] 21(3)32

received marks (Gould) [L] 21(6)84

Numberless, London 1844 (Lewis) [M] 40(1)12, (Read) [N] 40(3)46

London 1844 (Hoitink) [N] 40(3)46

Numeral 116 (Davis) [M] 24(4)61, (Archer) [S] 25(1)18, (Chandler) [S] 25(1)19

Numeral obliterator, used to cancel foreign postage due, charge or taxe markings (Johnson) [M] 48(5)122

used to cancel handstruck 2 in 1844 (Forbes-Nixon) [S] 48(1)5

Numeral obliterators, late use (Jackson) [M] 44(2)29

late use, Manchester (Sharkey) [N] 44(4)87

Numeral, 'GPO'-rated (Grafton) [M] 46(3)57

351, Winchburgh or Carstairs? (Hine) [L] 55(3)53

373 (Lewthwaite) [M] 46(2)38

PF, Embossed stamps used on covers with (Melrose) [L] 55(5)104

Parcel, 'ROAD/BORNE' mark (Russell) [S] 43(3)59

Passed X-ray cachet, re Salman Rushdie (Dagnall) [N] 28(5)100

Peebles, lost cancellation? (Taylor) [M] 37(1)8, (Herrity) [M] 37(2)36, (Whitehead) [S] 37(2)37

Penny Post, Moreton Hampstead, on 1841 1d red (Vaughan) [S] 46(6)137

Provincial marks, early (Ray-Smith) [M] 42(1)8

Railway steamer, Glasgow & South Western, cancellation (Hewlett) [N] 22(2)24

Received from HM Ships marks (Gould) [L] 21(6)84

Registered handstamp, York (Davis) [M] 44(4)85

Ship letter handstamp, used to cancel Penny Black (Griffiths) [S] 27(2)37

Sideways duplex, Bristol (Barton) [N] 34(5)96

J96 Bodenham (Powell) [S] 34(5)95

K94 Clacton-on-Sea (Powell) [S] 34(5)95

Launceston does not exist (Barton) [S] 57(2)48

Leeds, York, Manchester, Newcastle, Normanton, Wakefield, Devonport, Lancaster, Preston, others (Barton) [L] 34(2)22

Manchester (Barton) [N] 34(5)96

Sheffield (Barton) [N] 34(5)96

Slogan, Postcode anniversary, 2009 (Dagnall) [M] 48(1)1

Split postmarks (Taylor) [L] 53(2)25

Spoon, English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-1870, Update 1, Mar. 2016 (Taylor) [M] 54(3)71

Update 2, Dec. 2017 (Taylor) [M] 56(1)23

English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-1870, Update 2, Nov. 2018 (Taylor) [M] 56(6)142

English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853<156>1870, Update 2, Dec. 2017 [C] 56(2)41

Liverpool, earliest date (Barton) [N] 27(3)58, (Little) [N] 27(4)74, (Arundel) [N] 27(4)74

update to English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853-1870, Mar. 2016 (Taylor) [C] 54(6)142

Square datestamp, with indented corners (Hayward) [S] 41(4)78

Squared circle, Bolton (Cohen) [L] 34(3)41

CX used philatelically (Louis) [M] 35(3)52, (Dagnall) [M] 36(1)13, (Finch) [S] 36(1)15, (Billen) [S] 36(1)16, (Cohen) [S] 36(1)16

in KEVII period (Powell) [S] 26(5)93

of Bath (Cohen) [M] 24(4)56

trial cancellations (Bullock) [N] 21(1)13

Tadcaster, break in inner circle seen in proof book (Brown) [N] 57(3)60

Tower of London cachet (Wiseman) [S] 32(3)59

Trial cancellation, barred oval (Young) [M] 41(2)38, (Lewis) [M] 43(5)119

Trial cancellations, squared circle (Bullock) [N] 21(1)13

Truro Crown (Higson) [S] 49(3)70

cancellation, survey (Galland & Louis) [M] 46(6)139

Use of obliterator to cancel mistake (Robinson) [M] 48(4)87

Wembley, 1924 postmark puzzle (Sabey) [N] 33(2)40