Security Endorsements

'PEARS' SOAP' underprint on 1d lilac (Barstow) [N] 44(3)55

'PO/Dept' overprint on 1864 1d (Barrell) [N] 37(2)37

Book review, Catalogue of Perfins 1924-1925 British Empire Exhibition Stamps. Ed. Nelson (Sherman) [R] 32(2)35

Perfin Society Illustrated Handlist of GB Perfins - Hospital Dies. Comp. Hamill, Parkhill, Steere, Gault (Sherman) [R] 32(2)35

Pilfering, Protection and Perfins - an Aspect of the Line-Engraved Twopence. Beer and Harp (Sherman) [R] 37(1)19

Clipped sides, stamps with (Pusterla) [S] 43(3)55

Embossing, by Novelli & Co. (West) [M] 42(2)29, (West) [N] 43(6)137, (West) [S] 50(1)5

on Penny Reds (Jackson) [M] 36(3)58

on QV issues (Phillips) [N] 37(5)97

unidentified on KEVII d (Powell) [N] 23(2)30

Everett & Son Ltd, W. H., on KEVII & KGV stamps (Powell) [N] 23(2)30

Imprint on QV 1d Stars (Powell) [N] 24(2)21, (Dagnall) [N] 24(4)62

OUS overprint (MacArthur) [N] 35(4)80

variety (West) [M] 53(1)1

Penny Lilac perfin (Taylor) [S] 31(5)85

Perfin Society (Powell) [N] 23(2)29

Perfin, row of holes on KGV Downey Head (Rundo) [N] 30(5)95, (Simpson) [N] 31(2)40

Perfins, Board of Trade (Jackson) [M] 49(5)116

collecting (Powell) [L] 27(2)28

on QV 1s Jubilee (Powell) [N] 23(4)64

suppliers of, and manufacturers of perfin apparatus (Hewlett) [N] 22(2)24

Postage stamps, mutilation of for telegrams (Lawrence) [L] 38(1)10

Protective overprints and underprints (Bird) [S] 31(5)89

Rubber stamp overprints on KEVII (Badcock) [N] 31(5)96

Underprint advt, 1889 colour trial (Young) [S] 25(2)28

Wattses underprint (Dagnall) [M] 39(5)82, (Donaldson) [N] 39(5)83, (Jackson) [M] 40(1)15

1911 Downey Head 1d Die 1b (Kegg) [S] 53(6)122

examples recorded (Phillips) [S] 39(6)116

notes and list of issues (Pusterla) [S] 54(2)48

on KEVII 1d (Pusterla) [S] 39(4)75

Wattses underprints (Pusterla) [L] 42(5)98

Wattses, on KEVII stamps (Powell) [N] 23(2)30