2002 (Newsletters 273-278)

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NL 273, January/February 2002 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The Initials Saga by Michael Gould, Sam Lawrence [M]
2 New Members
2 Reduced Rate for Printed Matter by John Holman [S]
3 Have I Got News For You! by Simon Kelly [S]
3 International Competitions Update [S]
3 1870 ½d (SG 48/49) by John Holman [S]
3 British Library Philatelic Collections [S]
3 Oh dear! Stanley Gibbons by Tony Walker [S]
3 1d Black Plate VIII by M.A. Sayeed, Karl Louis [S]
4 King George VI: A Most Ingenious Paradox [Dulac portrait] by Peter Worsfold [L]
5 New King George VI Book - Free to All Members by Peter Worsfold [S]
6 Cover Corner 1 [Bishop marks] by Trevor Pickering [M]
6 A Member Writes by Geoffrey Eves [S]
7 Cover Corner 2 [Moate Maltese Cross] by John Newland [S]
7 Safeway Bargains by Sam Lawrence, Mike Jackson [S]
8 King George V Seahorses by Martin Strack [S]
8 GB in South Africa by Roland Wille [S]
8 Ukraine [S]
8 Autumn Stampex medal [S]
8 Research [S]
8 Philatelic Bulletin by John Holman [S]
8 Dealers' Directory
9 Scott GB Catalog and Penny Red Stars (Scott #20) by Tim Burgess [L]
10 Requests from Members [S]
11 That Wilding Portrait by Douglas Muir, Austin Barnes [S]
11 A Newsletter Index [S]
11 Mannheimer pre-printed covers by Doug McGill [S]
11 Jubilee Study Group? by Mike Rogers [S]
12 Society Displays: Censorship of Civilian Mail During World War I — Graham Mark
13 Society Displays: Coils and Coil Stamps — Jean Alexander
14 Society Displays: Anglo-French Wartime Mail and the Cross-Channel Connection — John Levett
15 Society Competitions: read this now please! by Allan Jones [S]
16 A Page from a Display [QV 4d] by Martin Hopkinson [M]
17 International Exhibiting by Mike Jackson [L]
18 The President Writes — Chris Harman
19 Annual Subscriptions by Leslie Wilkinson [M]
20 GBPS Publications [M]

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NL 274, March/April 2002 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 New Members
2 Supermarket Discounts by John Beard [S]
2 Consignia by Edgar Smith, Mike Jackson, Tony Walker [L]
3 The Euro by Burkhart Beer [S]
4 Buranasombati Auction Catalogue [S]
4 £5 Orange of 1867 [S]
4 50 Years On by Sam Lawrence [S]
5 Postal History & Stamps - ancient and modern by Harry Dagnall [M]
5 Revenues and College Stamps by Malcolm Suttill [S]
6 Cover Corner 1 [Mail Service Suspended, Boer War] by Michael Lockton [S]
6 GBPS of South Africa [S]
7 Cover Corner 2 [Gateshead sideways duplex] by Ray Barton [S]
7 Humour by John Forbes-Nixon [S]
7 Correction: 1870 ½d [last day] [S]
8 Thank Yous [S]
8 Dealers' Directory
8 Christmas Day in Australia by Scott Treacey [S]
9 1924 ½d Block Cypher - Ungummed by Mike Williams [L]
9 Edmund Dulac's Coronation Stamps by Toby Messenger [S]
10 Stitched Booklets: Covers & Interleaves by Robin Tibbenham [L]
11 Subscription: Final Reminder [S]
11 Society Auction by Fred Taylor [S]
12 ½d Bantam contined by Don Brookfield [S]
12 Seen and Heard by Tony Walker [M]
13 Inverted and Reversed Seahorses by Graeme Webster [S]
13 Moate Maltese Cross Cancellation by David MacDonnell [S]
14 Society Displays: The 1883/4 Lilac and Green Issue — Oliver Ffooks
16 Society Displays: The 2d Blue from 1840 to 1858 — Lady Mairi Bury
17 Sold Short [1d red short stamps] by Bill Bird [S]
17 Machin Web Site by Roy Simpson [S]
18 Pages from a Competition Winner: Overseas Postal Rates from the 1840s to the Start of the General Postal Union — James Grimwood-Taylor
20 Time Travel by Doug McGill [S]
20 Harrogate Philatelic Congress: 1921 [M]
21 2002 Competition Results
22 Remember - Philately is Fun by Leslie Wilkinson [L]
23 International Exhibiting by Chris Harman [S]
23 The President Writes — Chris Harman
24 Binders for the GB Journal [S]
24 Society Tie [S]
24 The 'Sayeed' Collection of Great Britain Line-Engraved Issues [S]
24 Bonhams [S]

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NL 275, May/June 2002 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Membership [S]
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 Society Auction by Fred Taylor [S]
2 Society Displays: Queen Victoria Surface Printed — Bob Galland (report by Ian Harvey)
3 Society Displays: Select Queen Victoria — Charles Dupplin (report by Ian Harvey)
3 Society Displays: The Downey Head — Ken Cross (report by Ian Harvey)
4 Society Displays: The GB Collectors Club of Germany (report by Ian Harvey)
6 Cover Corner 1 [City of London Philatelic Society] by Peter Tanner [S]
6 Cover Corner 2 [brass rings] by Austin Davis [S]
7 Annual Society Awards [M]
8 Plate 104 or 194? by Graham Morrison [S]
8 James Bendon Ltd [S]
8 Dealers' Directory
8 GBCC Chronicle [S]
9 Modern Stamp Design [Nobel Prize stamps] by Edgar Smith [M]
9 The Sixth Rowland Hill Awards [S]
10 Social Philately from Germany by Karl Louis [S]
10 The ½d Bantam by Karl Louis [S]
10 Spellcheck [Kipling issue] by Edgar Smith [S]
11 Caveat Emptor [Norwich Xmas advance posting] by Mike Williams [S]
11 For the Downey Headers by Derek Weston [S]
12 The President Writes — Chris Harman
12 King George VI Essay [S]
13 Consignia by Michael Sefi [L]
14 Security of the Royal Mails to the USA: A Scandal? by Doug McGill [L]
14 All That Glitters Is Not Gold by Geoffrey Eves [S]
15 Irradiation [S]
15 Buranasombati Auction Catalogue [S]
15 Bryan Donkin's Rose Engine by Harry Dagnall [S]
16 50 Years On by Ray Loveland [M]
16 Stamp Portraits of the Queen [S]
17 For Sale by Private Treaty [S]
17 Letters by Graham Morrison, Austin Davis [S]
17 Sale of Spink & Son [S]
18 Pages from a Competition Winner: KGV - The High Value Stamps — Leslie Wilkinson
18 The 1887 1s Stock Exchange Forgery by Sam Lawrence [S]
19 Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley by Toby Messenger [S]
20 Membership Distribution by James Grimwood-Taylor [S]
20 Auctions in May [S]
20 Julian Chapman Memorial Scholarship [S]

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NL 276, July/August 2002 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — Phil Kenton
3 Book Watch 1 [Fundamentals of Philately] by Edgar Smith [M]
3 2d Violet Blue, Or Is It? by Martin Willcock [S]
4 King George VI Essays by John Court [S]
5 Letter from America by Frank Allan [S]
5 Special Notice for George V Collectors by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
5 Brass Rings by Tim Todd [S]
6 New Occasions Stamps by Edgar Smith [M]
6 Re: Nobel Prize Stamps by Barry Robinson, Austin Barnes [M]
7 Plate 104 or 194? by M. Bot [M]
7 Forthcoming Auctions [S]
8 Society Displays: Postal History - the last 100 years — Michael Lockton
10 Society Displays: 'Mostly Line-Engraved' — John Harding
11 Society Displays: Cards, Postcards and the Post — Stephen and Judith Holder
12 Society Displays: Embossed and Surface Printed Revenues - 1853 to 1883 — Chris Harman
12 Book Watch 2 [Machin memoirs] [S]
13 Chester 2002 [S]
13 Annual Society Awards 2002 [S]
13 Red on Reds by Brian Watson [S]
14 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Liverpool Penny Post — Nick Wraith
16 Cover Corner 1 [naval mail] by Michael Gould [S]
16 Cover Corner 2 [naval mail] by Tony Walker [S]
17 A Useful Aid For My Hobby [computers] by Paul Stanton [M]
18 2001 New Issues
19 Dealers' Directory
20 City of London Philatelic Society by Graham Mark, Alistair Webster, Alan Green [L]

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NL 277, September/October 2002 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Society Displays: The Englishman Abroad - Campaign Mail — Gerald Sattin
3 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2002 May Meeting
4 Legal Matters 1 [Deegam numbers] by Douglas Myall [S]
4 Registered Mail to the USA - Update by Roger Hudson [S]
5 AGM 47 Minutes
5 AGM 47 Reports
9 Wiggins-Davies - 'K E' by Tony Palmer [S]
9 Success Abroad [S]
9 The Philatelic Centre [S]
9 Letter from America by John Blakemore [S]
9 City of London Philatelic Society: Postscript by Jane Moubray [S]
10 Legal Matters Too by James Grimwood-Taylor, Tony Walker [L]
12 Cartoon Time by Harry Dagnall, Mike Jackson [S]
12 Manchester City Cancellation by Harvey Russell [S]
12 Brass Rings by Austin Davis [S]
13 More Brass Rings by Colin Baker [S]
13 Yes, and More Brass by Charles Reid [S]
14 Post Office Telegrams by Sam Lawrence [S]
14 Legal Matters 3 [auction rigging] [S]
15 Time ... and Time Again [1752 calendar] by Harry Dagnall [M]
15 Prussian Blue at Grosvenor [S]
16 Pages from a Competition Winner: Royal Navy — Tony Walker
18 Cover Coner [1d Black Plate 11] by Charles Reid [M]
19 New Book: The 4d Handstamps of 1839-1840 — Erhard Zietlow
19 PS by Burkhart Beer [S]
19 Legal Matters 4 [David Spragg prosecution] [S]
19 Downey Heads by David Kaiserman [S]
20 The President Writes — Phil Kenton
20 Dealers' Directory

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NL 278, November/December 2002 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 Membership Queries [S]
2 Science on Stamps by Vic Currie [S]
2 1d Black Plate 11 On Cover by Karl Louis, Doug McGill [S]
2 New Members
3 Coats of Arms by Harry Dagnall [S]
3 Manchester City Cancellation by Frank Schofield [S]
3 Red Pen Cancels on 1d Reds by Karl Louis [S]
3 2½d Prussian Blue by Anthony Zenios [S]
4 In Brief by John Calladine, Stanley Cohen [S]
4 Paid Twice by Burkhart Beer [S]
4 Christmas Stamps [S]
5 Abbreviations in the British Posts - Part 1 by Simon Kelly [L]
8 1884 Jubilee by Peter Chadwick [S]
8 Can Anyone Help? [S]
9 A Unique Squared Circle Cancellation [Margate] by Stanley Cohen [L]
10 A Squared Circle Mystery [Newcastle on Tyne Quayside] by Martin Blank [M]
10 Dealers' Directory
11 2002 New Issues
11 In Brief by Jim Nicolson, Harry Dagnall, Andy Booth [S]
12 Autumn Stampex 2002 by Vincent West [S]
12 Philatelic Research Compromised? by John Calladine [M]
13 Brass Rings by Max Melrose [M]
13 Annual Subscriptions [S]
14 Amphilex 2002 [M]
15 Exhibits of GB at Amphilex 2002 [M]
16 Cover Corner [surcharges] by Harvey Russell [M]
17 Society Competitions by Allan Jones [S]
17 The President Writes — Phil Kenton
17 '0' or '9' on 1d Plates by Winston Hollins [M]
18 GBPS Competition Rules, Notes and Entry Form [L]
20 Annual Subscriptions by Leslie Wilkinson [M]