2003 (Newsletters 279-284)

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NL 279, January/February 2003 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Behind the Scenes by Edgar Smith [M]
2 New Members
3 Scotland Calling! by Graeme Webster [S]
3 GB 'Illegals' by Edgar Smith [S]
3 1867 Spray Watermark Reversed? by Peter Young [S]
4 Society Displays: A Day on the Stamps of the Reign of King George V
8 Society Displays: Social History - the Mulready Caricatures etc — John Bohn (report by Ian Harvey)
9 Award [S]
9 Society Displays: GB Postage Due Mail 1839 to Date — Patrick Frost (report by Ian Harvey)
11 In Support of Collecting Stamps by Robin Tibbenham [S]
11 PTS 2002/2003 Directory [S]
11 Dealers' Directory
12 Society Credit Card Facility by Ian Harvey [S]
12 Seahorse Watermarks by Graeme Webster [S]
12 British Study Group in the Netherlands [S]
12 Society Competitions: Urgent [S]
13 Plate 11 On Cover by John Mitchell, Bill Bird, Mike Jackson [M]
13 Christmas Quiz by Toby Messenger [S]
13 Congratulations [S]
14 Harrison Provisional Printings 1934-1935 by Doug Casey, Mike Jackson [M]
14 German PO in the UK by Edgar Smith [S]
14 Dr. Solly Covers by Max Melrose [S]
15 Manchester City Cancellation by Martin Willcock, Graham Mark, Harvey Russell [L]
16 Cover Corner [surcharges] by Alastair Walter, Graham Mark, Michael Brooks [M]
17 New Book: Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and Predecessor Airlines — Ken Sanford
17 Brass Rings by Eddie Weeks [S]
17 Grosvenor Auctions [S]
18 Squared Circle Cancels by Terry Pusterla [S]
18 Newcastle on Tyne Quayside cancel by Fred Taylor [L]
19 Demonetisation/Invalidation of QV Stamps by Fred Taylor [S]
20 Annual Subscriptions by Leslie Wilkinson [S]

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NL 280, March/April 2003 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Last Post: Michael Jackson
2 Perth Meeting: 26 April 2003 [S]
2 New Members
3 The President Writes — Phil Kenton
3 The President's Display 2003 by Phil Kenton [S]
3 Penny Red Plates [S]
4 Stamp Advisory Committee by Tony Walker [S]
4 The Bantam ½d Revisited by Don Brookfield [M]
5 Answers to the Quiz by Toby Messenger [L]
6 Subscriptions: Final Reminder [S]
6 Competitive Philately by Harry Dagnall [S]
6 Milestones in Philately [S]
7 Moate Maltese Cross Cancellations by Howard Hughes [M]
8 Penny Black Plate 11 On Cover by Karl Louis, John Mitchell, John Forester [L]
10 Those Brass Ring Covers by Tim Todd [S]
10 Postal Orders by Tim Todd [M]
11 Cover Corner [booklet pane, Czech forces cancel] by Robin Tibbenham [S]
11 Dealers' Directory
12 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2002 Chester Meeting
15 The Initial Letter 'A' by Simon Kelly [S]
15 Philatelic Newslines by John Beard [S]
15 Membership by Sam Lawrence [S]
16 Letter from the Netherlands by Paul Gimberg [M]
16 Manchester City Cancellation by Reg Gleave [S]
17 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2002 Stanley Gibbons Reception
17 The £1 Green-Eyed Monster by Ron Phelps [S]
18 Society Competitions by Ray Barton [L]
18 Maltese Cross Query by Philip Robinson [S]
19 Duke of Windsor Label [S]
19 Receipt of Auction Lots by Fred Taylor [S]
20 GB Official Seals by Jim Kolanchik [M]
20 Reduced Rate Postage by Steven Bainbridge [S]
21 Letter from Harry Dagnall by Harry Dagnall [M]
21 Michael Sefi Appointed Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection [S]
21 Black Plate 5 by M.A. Sayeed [S]
22 Pages from a Competition Winner: The Great Britain 1d Black — Simon Beresford-Wylie
24 Postal Heritage Trust by Martin Rush [S]
24 Bookshop [S]
24 Squared Circles by Stanley Cohen [M]

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NL 281, May/June 2003 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 London Mailcoaches [S]
2 The SAC and Competitions by Anthony Smith [S]
2 Society Matters by Robin Tibbenham [M]
3 Society Matters: A Reply by Chris Harman [L]
3 Duplicates to Spare? [S]
3 First Day Cover Exchange: Italy [S]
4 New Members
4 Stamp Exchange: France [S]
5 ... And a Reply to Ray Barton [Society Competitions] by Chris Harman [L]
5 North of Watford News by Andy Booth [S]
6 Have You Seen This Listing? by A. Rushden [S]
7 2003 Competition Results
8 Membership Matters by Allan Jones, Conrad Graham [M]
8 British Empire Exhibition: A Query by Doug Casey [S]
9 Seen and Heard: US Auction Scandal [S]
9 Seen and Heard: Machin forgeries [S]
9 Seen and Heard: Illegals [S]
10 The 1d Black Plate 11 On Cover by Karl Louis, Tony Parrish [S]
10 GB in the Netherlands by Paul Gimberg [S]
10 Closure [S]
10 Telegraph Exchange by Conrad Graham [S]
11 Duke of Windsor Label by Francis Kiddle, Peter Allsop, Frank Schofield, Conrad Graham [S]
11 Dealers' Directory
12 Pages from a Competition Winner: It Began With Mulready — John Bohn
14 Cover Corner [booklet pane, Czech forces cancel] by Edgar Smith [L]
15 Competitive Philately by Tim Ledlard [S]
15 Royal Mail v Deutsche Post by Jeremy Wraith [S]
16 Late Use of the Maltese Cross Cancellations by Philip Robinson, Roy Eden [M]
16 Wanted [S]
17 The New 'Universals' by Edgar Smith, Mike Jackson [M]
18 Society Displays: 'Boring Machins' — Barrie Murton
20 Society Displays: Early British Letters — Malcolm Ray-Smith
22 Plate 5 Reconstruction by M.A. Sayeed [S]
22 In Conversation [M]
23 Black History by Karl Louis [S]
23 GB Overprints Book by Edgar Smith [M]
24 RPSL Invitation [S]
24 Local History Week by Harry Dagnall [S]

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NL 282, July/August 2003 (20pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
1 Philatelic Terms - A Glossary? by Burkhart Beer [S]
2 Four Myths - A Challenge by Toby Messenger, Don Madden [S]
2 Meeting in Germany by Burkhart Beer [S]
2 New Members
2 Initial Enquiries: F.S.W.1. And F.S.38 [S]
3 Collating the Information by Nic Thomas, Mike Jackson [M]
3 British Empire Exhibition: A Query by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
4 Society Displays: English Banknotes — Pam West
5 Society Displays: Postal History to and from Latin America — Phil Kenton
6 Society Displays: Joint Meeting with the Revenue Society 2003
9 Reduced Rate Postage by Edgar Smith [M]
10 And Now For Something Different by Andrew Chappell [S]
10 Stampmaster GB [S]
10 Wanted, Please [S]
10 Exchange [S]
10 Old Albums [S]
10 Julian Chapman Travelling Scholarship Fund [S]
11 Treasury Roulettes Extant by Walter Kaltwasser [S]
11 Society Auction by Fred Taylor [S]
11 Apologies and Thanks by David Milsted [S]
11 Late Use of Maltese Cross by John Frazer [S]
12 We All Need (A) Bath by Colin Baker [S]
12 Nostalgia by Peter Tanner [S]
12 20 Years Ago by Alan Sabey [S]
12 Postal Orders by John Beard [S]
13 King Edward VIII 'Home District' Cancellation by Martin Hopkinson [S]
13 WWII Censorship of Foreign Mail by Edgar Smith [S]
13 Suspensions [S]
14 Pages from a Competition Winner: KGVI 10s Ultramarine — Peter Dawson
16 The Harry Dagnall Occasional Column by Harry Dagnall [M]
16 GB New Issues: July-December 2002 by Jim Nicolson [S]
16 Christmas 2003 by Martin Lloyd [S]
17 AGM 48 (Part 1) Reports
20 Harmers: Great Britain at Auction [S]

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NL 283, September/October 2003 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Recent GB Issues by Edgar Smith [M]
3 Shades 1880-1912 by Tony Wiseman [L]
4 Philatelic Terms - A Glossary? by Martin Willcock [S]
5 Literature Available by Philip Robinson [S]
5 Coincidentally by Andy Booth [S]
6 GBPS Publications [S]
7 Perforation Types on Later QV Controls by Anthony Zenios [M]
8 Book Review: Overprints on British Stamps for Use Abroad — Tom Current (review by Martin Willcock)
8 Alcock & Holland by Martin Willcock [S]
8 Dealers' Directory
9 Letters from America by Tom Current, Ronald Prescott [S]
9 Bantam ½d continued by Anthony McLelland [S]
9 Letter from Australia by John Burn [S]
9 GB at Grosvenor [S]
10 Reduced Rate, nay, Zero Rate Postage by Colin Baker [S]
10 Colour in the GBJ and Newsletter by Martin Willcock [S]
10 Oxford Union Society (OUS) Overprints by Vincent West [S]
10 10s Telegraph Specimen by Sam Lawrence [S]
11 Buying Via the Internet by Edgar Smith [S]
11 eBay: Caveat Emptor by Mike Jackson [S]
11 Late Use of Maltese Cross by Roger Dixon, John Frazer [S]
12 85th Philatelic Congress of Great Britain by Tony Walker [M]
12 Machin Handbook - 3rd Edition by Douglas Myall [S]
13 WWII Censorship by Graham Mark [S]
13 Postage Due Mail Study Group by Graham Mark [S]
13 Czech Cover [S]
14 Society Displays: Glasgow - Some Aspects of its Postal History — Miller McGrath
15 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2003 AGM
16 Home District Postmarks by Ken Brown, Graham Mark, R.E.Wilson, John Holman [L]
17 20 Years Ago by Leslie Wilkinson, Alan Sabey, Mike Williams [S]
17 Stampmaster GB by Edgar Smith [S]
17 Collating Information by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
18 Pre-Decimal Machin Papers by Douglas Myall [L]
19 Uniform Penny Post by John Forbes-Nixon [S]
20 £5 To Pay Stamps by Geoffrey Eves [S]
21 A Satisfied Member by Bob Trower [S]
22 Pages from a Competition Winner: The 1880 Provisional Issue — C.Dupplin
24 Parliamentary Wrapper by John Mitchell [S]
24 A Member Writes by Dave Hill [S]

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NL 284, November/December 2003 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 Home District Postmarks by Michael Gould [S]
2 Samuel Montagu & Co [underprint] by Karl Louis [M]
3 Abbreviations in the British Posts - Part 2 by Simon Kelly [L]
4 1912 London Stamp Exhibition [S]
6 KEVII Shades by Ken McBride [M]
6 London Foreign Section Datestamps by Michael Gould [S]
7 GBPS Golden Jubilee Year 2005 by Michael Lockton [S]
7 Library by Toby Messenger [S]
7 A Thank You by Austin Davis [S]
7 Oxford Union Society (OUS) Overprints [S]
7 Home District Postmarks by Ken Brown [S]
8 AGM 48 Minutes
8 AGM 48 (Part 2) Reports
9 That Missing '£' by Edgar Smith [S]
9 GB Book from Germany/Belgium [S]
9 Autumn Stampex 2003 [S]
10 Pages from a Competition Winner: Post Office Act 12 Car II c35, 29 December 1660 — A.Green
12 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2003 Perth Meeting (report by Graeme Webster)
14 Alcock & Holland by Graham Mark [M]
14 Christmas Past [S]
15 Society Displays: Irish Postal History — Desmond Quail (report by Ian Harvey)
17 New Issues January-June 2003 by Jim Nicolson [S]
18 Shades 1880-1912: A Response by Trevor Harris [L]
20 Chief Executive and Board of New Postal Heritage Trust [S]
21 Black Plate 11 On Cover by Orvar Sundström, Graham Homer-Wooff [S]
21 Subscriptions for 2004 by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
21 The Weathervane Explained by Harry Dagnall [S]
22 Portsmouth, Isle of Wight? by Burkhart Beer [S]
22 Pre-Decimal Machin Papers by Tony Smith [S]
22 Last Post: Ken Cross (by John Harding)
22 Annual Competitions: 17 January 2004 by Allan Jones [S]
22 1d Lilac by Pat Lyon [S]
23 GBPS Competition Rules, Notes and Entry Form [L]