2007 (Newsletters 303-308)

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NL 303, January/February 2007 (24pp)

1 1837 Wyon City Medals by Andrew Claridge [S]
1 Unusual Christmas Card by Robert Johnson [S]
2 Editorial — Tony Walker
2 The President Writes — James Grimwood-Taylor
3 New Members
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Society Displays: British Postal Stationery — George King
6 In the News [Private Eye] by Chris Jarvis [M]
7 1d Stars Colour Guide by Reg Barnett [S]
7 Forthcoming Meetings
7 Annual Competitions: You Still Have Time! [S]
8 The Christmas Card Tale Continues by Hugh Crossman, Larry Parks, George King [L]
9 GB List from Canada by James McKenzie [S]
9 Reply Coupons by George King [S]
10 London 2010 by Al Hurst [M]
11 Library by Harry Dagnall [S]
11 Torquay 2006 Results [M]
12 Society Displays: Taxation through Ephemera — Edward Hitchings
14 The President's Cup [S]
14 Cancellations by Andy Donaldson [S]
14 The GBPS Newsletter [S]
14 Web Sites by Don Davies [S]
15 King George VI Study Group Airmails? by Nick Peacock, Peter Dawson [M]
15 A Missed Opportunity by Trevor Pickering [S]
15 GB Journals [S]
15 VR 1d Black by Martin Evans [S]
16 Letters to the President by Nick Bridgwater, Tim Clarke, Max Melrose, Mike Salmon [L]
16 Postal History of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) by Al Hurst [S]
17 Insurance [S]
18 Seahorse Blanks by Mike Jackson [S]
19 New Book: The Encyclopaedia of the Maltese Cross Cancellations of Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 1 — David Rockoff and Mike Jackson
20 Society Displays: Victorian and Edwardian Social and Postal History — Tony Hope
23 KGVI Coronation by Robin Restall [M]
24 Forgeries of the QV £5 Orange by Tony Wicks [S]
24 Cancellations by Martin Evans [M]

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NL 304, March/April 2007 (28pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — James Grimwood-Taylor
3 North of Ireland Philatelic Society Centenary Year [S]
3 Philatelic Correctness [S]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Society Displays: Stamps and their Uses, 1840 to 1901 — Ken Burr
7 London 2010 [S]
8 Setting Up A Frame [M]
8 2007 Competition Results
10 Pages from a Competition Winner: Manuscript franks, 1652-1715 — Rex Clark
13 The President's Guest: the April Meeting [M]
14 1890 Christmas Card by Colin Baker, Nick Wraith [L]
15 SG Specialised Volume 1 by Bill Bird [S]
15 Subscriptions: Final Reminder by Leslie Wilkinson [S]
16 The Snowstorm in 1836 by David Goldsmith [S]
16 Another One That Got Away by Peter Aveyard [S]
16 The 1d Stars Colour Guide by Karl Louis, Austin Davis [L]
18 Wyon City Medal by Vincent West, Rick Hunt [L]
19 Competition Organiser: Vacancy [S]
20 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2006 Torquay Meeting (report by James Grimwood-Taylor, Tony Walker)
20 The British Library Collection [S]
24 ABPS at Torquay 2006 by Edward Caesley [S]
24 Response to our President's Letter by Douglas Myall [S]
24 The Cavendish Chronicle [S]
25 In Passing by Alan Sacks, Tim Burgess, Robin Restall [M]
25 AGM Weekend by Rex Clark [S]
25 QV Jubilee Group by Ted Adnams [S]
26 Philately Gets You Nowhere by Sheila Curbishley [L]
26 Torquay - An Omission [S]
27 Printers for the Post Office [M]
28 Inside Story: Howard Hughes
28 Croydon 2007: 23 & 24 November 2007 [S]
28 Programme Secretary: Position Filled [S]

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NL 305, May/June 2007 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
1 Forthcoming Meetings
2 The President Writes — James Grimwood-Taylor
2 This and That (1) by Edward Caesley, George Russell [S]
3 Printers for the Post Office by Ray Simpson [M]
3 Dealers' Directory
4 Exhibiting by Bernard Ridley [S]
4 Society Displays: Mounting, Displaying and Exhibiting — John Dahl
7 Stampex & Philatex by Peter Tanner [S]
8 Licences by Alan Sacks [M]
8 The £10 Britannia Stamp by Larry Rosenblum [L]
10 Pages from a Competition Winner: Post Office (Parcels) Act 1882, Early labels and cancellations — Max Melrose
12 2006 New Issues
12 Research by Harry Dagnall [M]
13 GB Government Telegraph Stamps by Conrad Graham [M]
14 1d Stars Colour Guide by Ray Simpson [M]
14 ... And on the Same Topic by Reg Barnett [S]
14 And Another ... by George Russell [S]
15 1d Reds with Forged Maltese Crosses by Ian Harvey, Simon Everest [M]
16 KGVI Coronation by Anthony McLelland [S]
16 George VI Study Group by Bruce Duncan [M]
17 This and That (2) by Anthony McLelland [M]
18 Reply to our President by Ron Phelps [M]
18 AGM and Philatelic Weekend: 18-20 May 2007 [S]
19 Lindisfarne Postal History by James Grimwood-Taylor [M]
19 Newsletter Blues by Ray Simpson, Howard Hughes [M]
20 Gibbons Specialised by Bernard Ridley, Mike Jackson [S]
21 London 2010 Update [S]
21 Maltese Cross Query by Bernard Ridley, Howard Hughes, Mike Jackson [S]
22 Society Competitions by Bernard Ridley, Tony Walker [M]
22 Society Competition Organiser: Wanted by Allan Jones [S]
22 The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain 1851-1954 [S]
23 Last Post: Professor Barrie Jay (by James Grimwood-Taylor, Tony Walker)
24 GBPS Publications [M]

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NL 306, July/August 2007 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Tony Walker
1 New Members
2 The AGM Weekend in Gateshead by Rex Clark [M]
3 The President Writes — James Grimwood-Taylor
4 A Wildings Query by Peter Dacey [S]
4 Auction Houses and Buyers' Premiums by Bernard Ridley [S]
4 Dealers' Directory
5 Stop Press! - Invitation to an Exhibition [S]
5 Forthcoming Meetings
6 Society Displays: Postal Reforms 1830-40 — Rex Clark
10 Society Displays: The Last 60 years of GB — Jean Alexander
12 Society Displays: The Mail from India — Geoffrey Eibl-Kaye
13 Your New Editor is Now Howard Hughes [S]
14 Auchtermuchty Cancellation by Bob Maushammer [M]
14 The Penny Rose-Red: Why the Transitional Period of 1856 to 1857? by David Robinson [L]
15 Harmers' Sale [S]
16 Inside Story: Edward Caesley
16 Request for Back Numbers of the GB Journal by Tim Burgess [S]
16 Youth Philately: Stamp Active Network [M]
17 A 'German' Penny Black Entire by Doug McGill [M]
17 Your New Editor Writes by Howard Hughes [S]
18 Pages from a Competition Winner: Victorian First Days — Nick Amor
20 Letter from America by Larry Rosenblum [M]
20 SOS [S]
20 Letter from Lincoln (UK) by David Glew [M]
21 Letter from Andover by Geoffrey Eves [S]
21 Cumulative Index to the GB Journal by Mike Jackson [S]
22 SG QV Specialised: A Query by John Burn [S]
22 GVI Study Group by Nick Peacock [M]
22 British Philatelic Trust [S]
23 TPO Carriage by David Rowlands [S]
23 QV Alphabet 3 Plate 55 by Don Madden [S]
23 Fine & Very Fine Used Pre-Decimal Machins by Anthony Smith [S]
24 QV Jubilee Group: References Sought by Ted Adnams [M]
24 Croydon ABPS Philatelic Exhibition & Congress 2007: GBPS Dinner [M]

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NL 307, September/October 2007 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
1 A New Plea by Tim Burgess [S]
2 The President Writes — James Grimwood-Taylor
2 GBPS Discussion Board [M]
3 QV Jubilee Group by Bob Maushammer [S]
3 Forthcoming Meetings
3 Maltese Cross - Letter of Retraction and Clarification by Mike Jackson [M]
4 Dealers' Directory
4 Recruiting New Members by Peter Tanner [S]
5 1971 Strike Mail by Walter Barnard [S]
5 KGVI Coronation by Graham Hayward [M]
6 Society Displays: Usage of British Stamps 1840-2000 — James Grimwood-Taylor (report by Ian Harvey)
8 Society Displays: Members Displays, 2007 Gateshead Meeting
8 Reunited After 96 Years by Ian Shaw [L]
10 From General to Specialised Collector by Jeremy Fry [L]
11 Gateshead Revisited by Observer [M]
12 A Letter of Thanks by Val Beeken [M]
13 A Green and Pleasant Land by Ken McBride [M]
14 Tributes to Tony Walker [L]
14 GBJ Numbering by Ted Adnams [S]
14 1d Black Plate Eleven by Tom Slemons [S]
14 Requests for GBJ and Newsletters by Geoffrey Eves [S]
15 Postal History of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) by Rex Clark [M]
16 Auchtermuchty Cancellation by Graham Hayward [M]
16 Yesteryear by Leslie Wilkinson [M]
17 Society 2008 Competition by Edward Caesley [S]
17 The Penny Rose-Red Transitional Period by George Russell [M]
18 Pages from a Competition Winner: Registered Letter Envelopes Issued Between January and August 1878 — Edward Caesley
20 Society Displays: Edward VII Varieties and More — Trevor Harris (report by Ian Harvey)
21 Society Displays: Alternative Lundy — Gerald King (report by Ian Harvey)
22 Fine & Very Fine Used Pre-Decimal Machins by Mike O'Hara [S]
23 The Mulready Group by Robin Cassell [M]
23 14p Machin Flaw by John Gowland [S]
24 Congratulations [S]
24 GBPS Dinner - 23 November 2007 [M]

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NL 308, November/December 2007 (24pp)

1 Editorial — Howard Hughes
1 New Members
2 The President Writes — James Grimwood-Taylor
2 The President Writes - a follow-up by Russell Taylor [S]
3 14p Machin Flaw by Ray McQuade, Denis Mahon, Ray Downing [S]
3 Forthcoming Meetings
3 Annual Competitions Saturday 2 February 2008 [S]
3 Auchtermuchty Cancellation by Bob Maushammer [S]
4 Dealers' Directory
4 Private Post Paid Mark by Burkhart Beer [S]
5 Next Society Meeting by Roger Bailey [S]
5 Unfilled Vacancies [S]
5 Society Credit Card Facility [S]
5 Machin Blog by Larry Rosenblum [S]
6 Society Displays: 1910-1967 Seahorses and more to Discover — Max Melrose (report by Ian Harvey)
8 Last Post: Frank Langfield
8 Squared Circle Study Group by Stanley Cohen [S]
9 1971 Strike Mail by Russell Taylor, Anthony Smith [M]
9 Gateshead Photos [S]
10 A Green and Pleasant Land by Colin Baker, Harvey Russell [M]
11 AGM 52 Reports
14 Post Office Theft in the 18th Century by Peter Milton [S]
15 PHQ by Paul Stanton [S]
15 A Unique Attic Find: Part One - The Philbrick Collection by Philip Robinson [L]
17 King George V Downey Head Paper Trials by Michael Burrows, Geoffrey Eves [S]
17 Tony Walker Replies by Tony Walker [M]
18 Machin Exhibit by Steve McGill [L]
20 Great Britain Collectors Club (GBCC) by Tim Burgess, Larry Rosenblum [L]
20 Philatelic Bulletins on Offer by Colyn Reece [S]
21 Brunswick Stars and Posted Since Last Night Cancels by John Allison [S]
21 The Autograph King by John Tingey [S]
22 1d Black Plate Eleven by M.A. Sayeed [S]
22 French Connection by Roger Levy [S]
22 Registration on the Discussion Board by Mike Jackson [M]
23 2007 New Issues
24 Binders for the GB Journal [S]
24 Society Tie [S]
24 Members' Wants
24 Society Packet by Graham Macpherson [S]