Meeting Handouts

Some speakers provide handouts for their displays that provide a short overview of the subject and/or the display itself, sometimes with illustrations. Where possible, these are provided for reference by members who could not attend the display.

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Date Display Title/Link to Handout Speaker
26th November 2016 British Printed Papers by Post 1836-1876 Gavin Fryer RDP FRPSL
29th October 2016 GB Stamps and Postal History from the Late 17th Century to 1900 Ken Burr
16th April 2016 King George V & VI Commemoratives Stephen Weir
16th April 2016 First Flights John Roe
26th April 2014 The President's Guest: The 1841 2d Jane Moubray
22nd February 2014 GB Late Fees to 1940 Julian Tweed
1st February 2014 Display from HM the Queen's Collection (MEMBERS ONLY) Michael Sefi RDP FRPSL
19th October 2013 (1) Additional d Mail Tax (2) 1924-25 Wembley Mail Peter Denly