Tools – Introduction

This section consists of a collection of tools to do tasks that usually require pen and paper, pieces of hardware, or mental arithmetic!

Plating the 1d Die 1
Line Engraved Stamps
John McCulloch's "plating tool", extended with additional information and options, and including the "E-Gauge". The standard way to plate the imperforate and early perforated 1d stamps of Great Britain. Link
Stamp Franking
Combinations Calculator
A tool for working out the number of possible ways of making up a particular rate using a specified set of stamps. Link
Rate Calculators A quick way to calculate the rates that applied on a given date for each weight step, including the total when additional services are included. Link
Postal Mechanisation Tools Tools for interpreting the dot/line patterns that have appeared on letters ever since automated sorting technology was introduced. Link
Calendars 1600-2029 Links to calendars for each year in the range, useful when you need to know what day of the week an item was posted. Link