Great Britain Collectors Club - Merger with GBPS

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Great Britain Collectors Club - Merger with GBPS

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Firstly, we are very sorry to hear that our sister society in the US has had to close its philatelic doors due to "lack of new hands to the pump". Having been made aware of these administrative problems earlier in the year, the Council of the GBPS has been anxious - as have been the officers of the GBCC - that their members should not lose the opportunity of being part of a philatelic community devoted to GB.

So, whilst some 30 collectors have been members of both societies, we are delighted to welcome nearly 80 additional members creating a merger with a significant part of the GBCC membership. It is normal for the Newsletter to welcome new members by name but due to the constraints of setting and printing deadlines, with apologies, that will need to wait until the January issue - the GBCC members will be there in highlights!

This results in a significant US based membership of over 100, indeed a significant overseas membership of over 250. This expanded international influence gives considerable opportunities for philatelic activities and communication, whether by collectors or those in the trade.

As regards the collectors, our editors are looking for more articles and information for the Journal and Newsletter, shorter are much in demand and the different collecting approaches by international collectors provide added interest. So we hope to see these new members making an impact in print and, if on a trip to the UK, to coordinate with a Saturday meeting.

For the dealers and auction houses, the wider audience should be beneficial to both sides - especially at the prevailing currency rates.

Welcome to all of you from North America.
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