Project Funding - Inks of the Penny Red

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Project Funding - Inks of the Penny Red

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Ladies and Gentlemen

I have a request to make to all members of the GBPS, but particularly those interested in the thorny question of the inks of the 1d Red.

Over the course of the last two or three weeks, I and three or four others have been putting together a 'Spec' for carrying out some further Scientific experiments on these 1d Reds inks. The experiments will build on the research that David Slattery and I carried out three or four years ago that those of you who have read my book will be familiar with. We will be looking to establish, once and for all, the make up of the inks of the 1841-1857 period.

As currently envisaged, the project will begin with an 'early' 1d Red, possibly a 'Rainbow Trial' in the accepted red colour, moving through the imperforate period, picking up such unusual items as Lavender paper and the deep and orange shades of 1852, among others. The 'main course' will obviously be the dramatic shade changes that occurred during the mid 1850's, ending with the Rose-red shades that prevailed from mid 1857 onwards. The objective of the project is that we will be able to demonstrate what the ink changes actually were. We may not be able to establish all the 'whys' with any certainty but we plan to be able to describe all the 'whats & hows' and that may then perhaps enable us to explain some of the 'whys'. It is expected that the results of the research will be published for all to see.

The reason that I am sending this email now is that we are trying to get proper funding for this project. We do have some possible sources which are currently being courted, but we felt that it would be easier to persuade relevant bodies to help fund the project if we could demonstrate that we were already able to fund part of the project ourselves.

We are aiming to tell the whole story, rather than concentrate just on 1856-7. In order for us to do the experiments thoroughly, we are currently expecting that we will require funding of the order of several thousand pounds. We are working on the costings now. I do not anticipate that we will be able to raise the whole sum solely by interested collectors and dealers putting their hands in their pockets, but I would like to be able to demonstrate that there is real interest in this project. This should help us to obtain funding from other bodies.

Among the wider objectives of the research will be to engage with Stanley Gibbons Ltd with a view to including the results of this research in due course in a revised Specialised Catalogue. I understand that SG have been approached and they may well be interested in being linked with the project.

So, it comes down to money. I would ask anyone who is able to support this project financially to email me at the GBPS Line Engraved Consultant's email address, which is to let me know how much each would be willing to pledge if we can get this project off the ground. If you know of anyone else who may be able to help with with funding this project, please feel free to forward this email to them.

Thanks in anticipation

Mike Williams

GBPS Line Engraved Consultant
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