The 4d QV Jubilee


The 4d in the series of Queen Victoria Jubilees was issued in her Golden Jubilee year 1887. Not a 'commemorative' but issued to replace the problematic 1883-84 Lilacs and Greens which the Post Office found difficult. A Stamp Committee formed in 1884 to produce a new improved design with printers De La Rue & Co. The 4d was the spearhead for the first bicoloured stamp, then adapted to others.

The display presents die proofs, imprimatur and specimen overprints. Examples follow from the period at press, together with usage off and on cover; all recorded printing varieties and the overprints for usage in the colonies. Its success led to a lengthy period printing over 200 million until replaced by the stamps of Edward VII.

Exhibit Plan

1. Introduction
2.3. Stamp Development, Ink & Shades
4. Paper
5. Varieties
6. 7. Early Printings & Proofs
8. Printing Setting 4
9. Usage Inland
10.11. Usages
12. Foreign Usage Americas
13. Colonies Overprints
14. 15. Printing Setting 5
16. End of Production

Rarity: presented in green frames
very scarce (<100) / rare (<30) / very rare (<10) indicated thus */**/*** some unique

Personal study seeks more understanding of varieties and shades. The exhibitor has published on the variety SG K33h and opened change discussions with the SG editor. Study notes are shown in italics.


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This exhibit was awarded Large Gold in the one-frame class at Autumn Stampex 2017


Frame 1

  1. Introduction and Plan
  2. Stamp Development, Ink & Shades
  3. See sheet 2
  4. Paper
  5. Varieties
  6. Early Printings & Proofs
  7. See sheet 6
  8. Printing Setting 4
  9. Usage Inland
  10. Usages
  11. See sheet 10
  12. Foreign Usage Americas
  13. Colonies Overprints
  14. Printing Setting 5
  15. See sheet 14
  16. End of Production