The 9th Postal Union Congress Official Stationery


The Congress was held in London at 6 Burlington Gardens, which at that time was a Government Building occupied by the Civil Service Commission. It opened on 10th May 1929 and adjourned on 28th June. It was attended by delegates from 88 countries.

As well as a set of five commemorative stamps, the Congress used unique franking and registration labels on mail sent from its dedicated Post Office within the building; two sizes of official headed notepaper; official envelopes of various sizes and colour; and crested note cards for the use of the delegates. The Post Office was not open to the public (as the letter on page 2 highlights) and dealt with all mail received and sent by the delegates. Although staffed by the Post Office it seems to have been fairly lax in franking; many stamps being postmarked to order on envelopes, notepaper and note cards and some of these marks being undated or having incomplete wording. The Post Office did not close until July 3rd 1929.

This display shows some of the various official postal documents and frankings used by delegates attending the Conference in London from 10th May until 28th June 1929.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Letter from Mr Radice
  3. Large Official Notepaper gift to delegates
  4. Small Official Notepaper
  5. CC1 Official Envelopes
  6. CC2 and CC1 Official Envelope
  7. CC3 Official Envelope
  8. CC4 Part Official envelope
  9. CC5 stampless Official envelope
  10. Unlisted size Official Envelope
  11. Unlisted size Official Envelope
  12. PUC Official franking
  13. Note cards used by delegates
  14. Philatelic use of note cards
  15. Philatelic use of note cards after congress finished
  16. Registered Labels