Various Aspects of the Maltese Cross Obliterator


Selected items from a research collection illustrating various aspects of the Maltese Cross obliterator.

Eleven crosses were added to the SG Specialised Catalogue following the publication of the Encyclopaedia of the Maltese Cross: Alexandria, Biggar*, Darlington*, Dumfries*, Knocktopher, Leeds (large diamond)*, Leeds (small diamond), Ross, Stranraer*, Tadcaster* and Tallow*.

* – crosses included in this exhibit


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Biggar Special
  3. Brighton Special
  4. Cirencester Break
  5. Darlington Special (1)
  6. Darlington Special (2)
  7. Dumfries Special
  8. Leeds Special (in red)
  9. Leeds Type 1 (with Solid Diamond)
  10. Leeds Special (Large Diamond)
  11. London Numbered Crosses
  12. Milnthorpe (Set-Off Impression)
  13. Skipton (Distorted Impression)
  14. Stranraer Special
  15. Tadcaster Special
  16. Tallow Special