On the Way to Wembley - Advertising the British Empire Exhibition of 1924


This is a brief exhibit looking at the advertising of The British Empire Exhibition of 1924 held at Wembley.

The first Commemorative Stamps of the UK were designed for the exhibition, though not released until the first day of the event; as well as many other souvenir items -from maps, medals and timetables to Cinderella stamps and postmarks.

Here, I show just a few different items that advertised and marked this historic event.


The Selected Works of W.G. Stitt Dibden. Vol.l. Wembley & Olympic Issues
The Lion Roars at Wembley. The British Empire Exhibition. 1924-1925. Donald R. Knight and Alan D. Sabey
The Great Britain Philatelic Society Website - Maurice Buxton
Collect British Postal Stationery. Alan Huggins and Colin Baker 2007


Frame 1

  1. Introduction and Plan
  2. Stamp Designs
  3. Mint Postal Stationery
  4. Advertising Labels
  5. Krag continuous postmark
  6. Hey Dolphin postmark
  7. Hey Dolphin postmark - EKU
  8. Special Event Mark
  9. Advertising in Empire Countries
  10. Advertising in Empire Countries
  11. Marks used at the Exhibition
  12. 1924 First Day Cover
  13. Rare Markings
  14. Ephemera
  15. Ephemera
  16. Souvenir Items