Competition Entries 2021

R. A. G. Lee Cup

(For General Philately)

The 1841 Provisional Black Printing and Repair Characteristics – Kevin Maunder

Great Britain's First Commemorative Postage Stamp – David Ogden

Queen Victoria ½d Pink Stamped to Order Postcards – Maurice Buxton 1st

Martin Willcocks Award

(For Postal History)

Aspects of Pre-1840 Postal History – Leon Barry

The Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office Service – Zubin Kabraji

British Empire Exhibition - The Cancellations – David Ogden

Genesis – Nick Amor 1st

Pre-GPU Late Fee Mail To and Through France – Alan Kelsall

The Transition from Maltese Cross to Barred Numeral Obliterators – Chris Jones

MacPherson Cup

(For members who have not previously won a competition or national medal, any subject)

The 9th Postal Union Congress Official Stationery – Colin Davies

1883-84 Issue Lilacs and Greens – John Roe Secretaries Cup

Barnet Penny Post Receiving House Numbers – Leon Barry

Multiple Strikes of the Maltese Cross – Chris Hibbert 1st

Theo Jones Open Class Salver

(For entries that can contain up to 50% non-philatelic material)

The Basic Letter Rate to Europe 1986-2010 – Mike Mood 1st

Queen Victoria Penny Lilacs – Stephen Teuma

Registration Labels in the UK: Forerunners and Introduction – Maurice Buxton

Sample and Specimen Revenue Stamps from William III to Queen Victoria – David Leathart

Overseas Members Awards – General Philately

From line engraved to surface printed - The 1879 and 1880 Tenders – Malcolm Suttill 1st

From line engraved to surface printed - The old to the new 1880 stamps – Malcolm Suttill

The Penny Lilacs - The Stamp – Malcolm Suttill

The Penny Lilacs - Usage and Interesting Items – Malcolm Suttill

Penny Red Stars 1850-1864 – Juan Farah

Overseas Members Awards – Postal History

The Story of a Wayward Cover - GB to Canada, 2015 – Dave Russum

Machine Cancellations and Postmarks Produced in GB During the Early Trial Period 1857-59 – Tim Schofield 1st