The 1937 Coronation Stamp of King George VI: Cylinder 8


An interesting cylinder apparently affected by having been divided into two lots after printing.

Most of the Stop pane was given over to overprinting for the Spanish post offices in North Africa, and whole overprinted panes occasionally appear. Sadly a non-overprinted stop pane has not yet been found. The only pane of no stop non-overprinted material found so far was already broken into six pieces.

The ray flaw on R19/1 was not retouched and the cylinder was almost certainly only used once. This is an unusually clean cylinder with few flaws. Flaws that can identify anonymous pieces have been illustrated but in the absence of another mint no stop pane for comparison some of these almost certainly will prove to be ephemeral. The massive blob within the large 1 of stamp R20/4 is proven to be constant and is the signature flaw for the cylinder.

The absence of the tennis ball flaw on R7/6 shows that the cylinder was made after the flaw was retouched from the multipositive, and the very weak ghost image of the flaw is evidence.


Frame 1

  1. Whole Pane In Six Parts (1)
  2. Whole Pane In Six Parts (2)
  3. Whole Pane In Six Parts (3)
  4. Whole Pane In Six Parts (4)
  5. Whole Pane In Six Parts (5)
  6. Whole Pane In Six Parts (6)
  1. Top Left Quarter
  2. Top Right Quarter
  3. Bottom Left Quarter

Frame 2

STOP PANE (cont)
  1. Bottom Right Quarter
  2. The Relevance of the Position of the Counter Number
  3. The Pearl-in-Orb Flaw, R18/1
  4. The Scratched Queen Flaw
  5. The Ghost Tennis Ball Flaw
  6. Three Outstanding Flaws
  7. Used on Cover
  8. Two Scarce Examples of Used on Cover
  9. The First Airmail at 1½d per ounce rate, England to Australia