COVID - The First Two Years (mail from GB to Canada)


Early in 2020, main focus of Western Governments was on Climate Change with upcoming UKCOP26 meeting scheduled for Glasgow, 9 to 19 November 2020. UKCOP26 was eventually postponed until 31 Oct-12 Nov 2021.

Stories from China of a new transmissible virus emerged into a Global Pandemic by March 2020. Impact was instantaneous; medical systems were overwhelmed while the freedom of the population to work, trade, socialise and travel was felt everywhere.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. First lockdown and postage rate increase 23 March 2020
  3. Captain Tom Moore - War veteran and COVID Hero
  4. COVID's Impact on efficiency of mail service
  5. COVID = Other cancels in 2020
  6. Rate increases during COVID
  7. See sheet 6
  8. A Puzzling Cover during COVtD
  9. COVID 19 - A new cancel - two rows of Xs
  10. See sheet 9
  11. COVID - Vaccinations
  12. Aligning International Zone 1 rates with NVI Domestic Rates
  13. Special Delivery during COVID - International Tracked and Signed (ITS} and International Tracked (IT)
  14. See sheet 13
  15. Lght at the end of the Tunnel? - Fastest Delivery since COVID began
  16. COVID Dominated daily news around the World for two years