The Jubilee Exhibitions of 1890


The first Postage Stamp was launched on 6th May 1840.

In 1890, to celebrate 50 years of the Postage Stamp, two exhibitions were held. The first, organised by the Corporation of London and the Post Office, was held at The Guildhall in The City from 16th-19th May 1890.

The second, the official Post Office celebration, was held at the South Kensington Museum, now known as the Victoria and Albert Museum, on July 2nd of the same year.

This is a small snapshot of items related to both these exhibitions. Some items are relatively common, some are rare and some are unique.


A Jubilee Reminiscence, John Davies FRPSL.

Special Event Postmarks of the United Kingdom. Volume 1. 1851-1962, Colin Peachey and John Swanborough.

Postal Directory, General Post Office Edinburgh & Leith 1890-1891, Morrison & Gibb for HMSO.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction and South Kensington Special Envelope
  2. Guildhall Special Post Cards
  3. Half Penny Post Cards cancelled by the Guildhall handstamps
  4. Guildhall handstamp on Inland Reply card
  5. 3d Empire Cards with both cancellations
  6. Penny Postage Jubilee Wrapper
  7. The first GB Post Card with Jubilee cancel
  8. Unique letter to Maclaine Clan Chief
  9. Jubilee Special Handstamps
  10. Jubilee items
  11. South Kensington handstamps on stationery envelope
  12. South Kensington handstamp on other stamps
  13. Harry Furniss caricature
  14. William Elliott copy
  15. Unusual items
  16. Jubilee Christmas Card