King Edward VIII 1½d Red-Brown, Control A/36, Cylinder 2: The Case of the Curious Coif


This analysis of the control/cylinder blocks of the No Stop pane of Cylinder 2 is based on careful, computer-aided examination of a large series of blocks and pieces. There are no less than seven distinct states of the stamps and each is clearly diagnosable. There are also some innocent false states caused by too close a trim of the left side margin. The celebrated listed Hair Flaw, also known as the Coif Flaw actually only appears on the last three of the seven states and weakens with each clean and rechrome.

It has not been possible to find a complete pane from the no stop side of the cylinder This then is a simple, first study of the cylinder. The amount of material from both panes has been sufficient to conclude that there were seven states of the printing but the number of rechromes IS uncertain. There is no evidence of retouching at all, the changes in the flaws are due to other actions.


Frame 1

  1. The case of the Curious Coif; introduction.
  2. The First State - cylinder block.
  3. The First State - Control quarter pane.
  4. The False First State.
  5. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th States.
  6. The Third State.
  7. The Fourth State - Control quarter pane.
  8. The Fifth State - The Coiff Flaw.
  9. The Coiff Flaw post rechrome.
  10. The Seventh State.
  11. Stamp with Control used on cover.
  12. Stamp with Control used on Registered Cover.

Frame 2

  1. The stop pane - early states.
  2. The Early States - Control quarter pane.
  3. The Stop Pane, part 1.
  4. The Stop Pane, part 2.
  5. The Stop Pane, part 3.
  6. The Stop Pane, part 4.
  7. The Stop Pane, part 5.
  8. The Stop Pane, part 6.
  9. The Fifth State
  10. The Sixth State, Type 2A perforation.
  11. The Seventh State.
  12. Stamp with control used on Airmail cover.