Postal History

Evolution of the British Franking System
Robert Galland
64 sheets (double width)
The Origins of Express Mail
Alan Holyoake
16 sheets
Overseas Registration pre-1841
Maurice Buxton
16 sheets
Nick Amor
16 sheets
Sir Rowland Hill's Postal Reform
Zhang Huadong
32 sheets
Registered Express Mail
Austin Davis
24 sheets
Insured Mail Irregularities
Maurice Buxton
16 sheets
Postal Mechanisation
Steve McGill
112 sheets
Britons Adjust to Decimal Postage
Duncan Barber
16 sheets
The 1971 Postal Strike
Maurice Buxton
64 sheets
Royal Household Mail – The Vidler Years 1990‑2002
Glenn Morgan
12 sheets (wide format)
The Ends of the whistl
George King
16 sheets
Digital Stamps
George King
16 sheets