Queen Victoria Jubilee Stamps on Cover


The following display shows each of the 14 "low value Jubilee" stamps of Queen Victoria used on cover, piece or tag/label, but not as a single used stamp, paying various rates within GB and abroad, with a breakdown of rates as necessary.

It also shows a variety of postmarks used during the period of use.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction and Army Official Variety
  2. Pair of Brown-Orange ½d to Streatham and 5 x ½d to Cameroon
  3. Cover with Perfinned Stamp and Hoster Receivers Mark
  4. Penny Pink Uprated With l½d, plus another
  5. 2d Stamp Dealer Mail
  6. 2d Book Post
  7. Late Fee Covers
  8. 3d Single Usage
  9. 4d Usage
  10. 4½d to USA Single Usage
  11. 5d Die I and Die II
  12. 6d with Multiple Franking
  13. 9d Usage
  14. l0d Usage to Egypt
  15. One Shilling Usage
  16. ½d Green Usage