Unadopted Designs by Robert Sellar


Robert Gordon Sellar (1920 to 2010)
His Involvement with Stamp Designing

In 1969, the Jersey Postal Administration was formed, taking over postal services on the island from the British Post Office. A commemorative set of four stamps was produced for the inauguration, and these were designed by the Scottish born artist Robert Gordon Sellar.

They have always been a favourite of the owner, who was surprised that Mr Sellar appears to have never produced further stamp issues. So, when an opportunity presented itself in 2018 to obtain 14 original paste-up artworks for suggested definitive designs for use in Great Britain and its regions, including pictorial definitives ahead of their time, they were purchased at a most reasonable price and this one-frame display is the result.

This artwork series poses a number of questions, especially with regards to the date when they were produced and the origins of the sculpted head used, which appears to be of an unrecorded type. Whether these designs were officially submitted to the British Post Office, or were purely speculative is also unclear, as is how they entered the philatelic market.

This display is currently only available as a downloadable file