(Mostly) Rarer Examples of Single Frankings used as all 15 different existing postage-rates during Victorian Era


The aim is to show one example for correct usage of each of the 15 different stamp‑values on (mostly) rarer Single Franking covers sent to different directions (Inland and countries around the world) during the Victorian Era.


Moubray, 1st edition (British Letter Mails to Overseas Destinations)


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. ½d Bantam pl. 9
  3. ld Penny Black
  4. 1½d Jubilee
  5. 2d Blue
  6. 2½d Jubilee
  7. 3d Jubilee
  8. 4d sage‑green pl.15
  9. 4½d Jubilee
  10. 5d Jubilee
  11. 6d Embossed
  12. 8d orange
  13. 9d dull purple and blue
  14. 10d red‑brown pl.1
  15. 1/- orange‑brown pl.13
  16. 2/- dull blue pl.1