The Wales 1st Class Dragon Definitive Since 1999


The 1st class dragon Non Value Indicated (NVI) definitive has had two parallel lives.

On the one hand it has had a straightforward life making an appearance in Prestige Stamp Books (PSBs) and miniature sheets, and on the other hand it has had an extraordinarily complicated life in sheet form as it has gone through the hands of different printers, different forms and different colours and exaggerated by the fact that in recent times printers have not regarded it as a duty to change plate numbers when registering new plates!

The latter life is best illustrated through the medium of plate blocks and date blocks. As such there will inevitably be what some will call "too much white space". So be it.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. The first contract change
  3. The white border
  4. New colours
  5. Miniature Sheets
  6. Self-adhesive
  7. Self-adhesive
  8. PSB - Military Uniforms
  9. PSB - The 50th anniversary of Regional stamps
  10. Self-adhesive
  11. The second contract change
  12. PSB - The Great War
  13. Reprint
  14. The new font
  15. New plates, old font
  16. PSB - Visions of the Universe