The Story of a Wayward Cover (GB to Canada, 2015)


The cover discussed here was sent by a company in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England to Calgary, Canada in March 2015. It contained a catalogue for Corbitts Auction of Postage Stamps scheduled for Thursday 23rd April 2015 at 12:00 noon.

While it is easy to dismiss this cover as a philatelic creation it tells an interesting story of modern Great Britain postal history which is the theme of this one frame exhibit.

Firstly, the cover did not reach the recipient in time to bid on the sale (Herdzik, 2016). The story of why the cover took so long to reach Canada is the subject
of the first part of this exhibit.

Secondly, the cover bears a variety of valid postage stamps to cover the postage to Canada; the variety of stamps, their designs, denominations, shapes, colours and formats provide a look at historical and modern day events, social issues, and the postal services of Great Britain.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Cover GB to Canada, March 2015
  3. See sheet 2
  4. Damaged Cover
  5. Royal Mail Postal Rates
  6. E-Mail
  7. Postage Paid on this Cover
  8. Revenue Protection
  9. Machin Definitives
  10. The Queen's Head
  11. The Queen's Head (2)
  12. Halfpenny Postage
  13. Postal innovation and development
  14. Women on British Stamps
  15. The Ashes, England Winners 2005
  16. Christmas Stamps and Old Masters