Richard Arundel, revised edition edited by Russell Taylor with Howard Hughes

A Comprehensive Study of the Distinctive Cancels used in Edinburgh 1863–1874

The Society has been given permission to update and reprint the Richard Arundel series of books on duplex postmarks. The first in the series, Brunswick Star Cancels, has been updated by Russell Taylor and is now available for purchase.

Price £15 (to members of the GBPS and the Scottish Postal History Society £13.50). Soft covers, size 170 x 240 mm, 45 pages.

Please note that Ian Harvey is taking all orders for this book

Additional Online Information

  1. A table of updates containing additional information that has come to light concerning dates of use, numbers recorded and anything else of relevance

  2. A gallery of examples, type by type – see the links in the menu at left

  3. For queries and reports of material not previously recorded email