GBPS Competition and Award Winners

History of the GBPS Competitions

The early competitions are somewhat patchily recorded. A new annual competition was announced at the AGM in April 1960, with the rules set out in February 1961. Entries were to be 6-12 sheets, and the competition would not be held unless there were at least six entries. The records of the first annual competition on 19th April 1961 were "inadvertently destroyed", but first and second prizes (albums to the value of 10 and 5 guineas) went to K.Rushworth (KGV 4d) and R.F.Strange (KGVI plate varieties).

The second competition was on 16th May 1962 but there is no information regarding the result. The 1963 competition was postponed because "of possibility of transport chaos". In 1964 the rules were modified; the original competition became "No. 1" (9-12 sheets), and a second one, "No. 2", was introduced (6-10 sheets). President Ron Lee gave a handsome trophy to be awarded annually.

The Secretaries' Cup was presented by Phil d'Arcy and Richard Payne in 1976. It seems that no competition was held in 1978, but in October it was announced that "The Council are actively investigating new rules for the Society Competitions", and these were subsequently introduced. The Martin Willcocks Award and the MacPherson Cup were first awarded in 1979, and the Theo Jones Open Class Salver was introduced in 1999.

The 2015 competitions were regular entries to Spring Stampex, which had GB philately as its designated focus as part of the GBPS Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and were thus a mixture of one-frame and larger entries. Under the circumstances, an award was given for each type in the Lee, Willcocks, and MacPherson categories. The 2021 competitions were virtual-only as a normal meeting could not be held due to the Coronavirus situation.

Special competitions for overseas members, in which entries were provided as colour photocopies or scans, were tried as an experiment in 2005 for the GBPS Golden Jubilee year. They were held again the following year, and every third year from then on (except 2015 when overseas entries were part of the main competitions).

Early Competitions 1961-1977

Year Competition No. 1 Competition No. 2 Year Competition No. 1 Competition No. 2
1961 K. Rushworth 1962 Unrecorded
1963 Not held 1964 Harold Fisher Unrecorded
1965 E. K. Hossel Only two entries 1966 Sufficient entries not attracted
1967 Robert Folkard Harry Dagnall 1968 Douglas Latto H.Beresford-Bourke
1969 Cancelled "through lack of support" 1970 Alain de Cadenet W. Jackson
1971 W. A. Wiseman Jane Moubray 1972 M. Astley A. G. Huckel
1973 Council decided to hold next competition in April 1974 (NL 69, March 1973). Presumably the 1973 competition was cancelled 1974 W. R. Murton Maj. J. Miles
1975 G. A. Millson Not judged,
only two entries
1976 R. C. A. Payne
1870 ½d
P. J. Markham
1d reds
1977 E. M. Sanders Not awarded

R.A.G.Lee Cup 1979-date

The R. A. G. Lee Cup was donated by Ronald A. G. Lee, the founder of the Society, for an entry devoted to stamps. Postal stationery and revenue stamp exhibits are also usually judged under this heading.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1979 Mike Jackson
1980 D. L. S. Ogden
1981 N. H. Howard
1982 Leslie Wilkinson
1983 P. J. Markham
1984 A. Hackett
1985 J. M. Jackson
1986 K. Billinghurst
1987 Dr J. M. H. Brooks
1988 Dr I. Ray
1989 Harry Dagnall
1990 R. Clive-Smith
1991 Alan Sabey
1992 A. M. Gilbert 1993 W. A. Wiseman
1994 Bob Champion 1995 Chris Harman 1996 D. F. Evans
1997 I. Harvey 1998 G. Raspin 1999 Bob Champion
2000 Alan Sabey
The British Empire Exhibition of 1924–5
2001 Tony Walker
4d Value of the Pre-Decimal Machin Definitives
2002 Leslie Wilkinson
KGV: The High Value Stamps
2003 S. Beresford-Wylie
The 1d Black, A General Study
2004 P. Dawson
KGVI 10/- Dark Blue
2005 Peter Tanner
KGV Photogravure Issue - Trials to Issued Stamps
2006 David Milsted
Army Official Departmental Issues 1896/1904
2007 Edward Caesley
Registered letter envelopes issued between Jan and Aug 1878
2008 Tony Walker
The 5d Royal Blue Machin Definitive
2009 Fred Smallbone
King George V Downey Head Die 1A
2010 David Milsted
Queen Victoria ½d Vermilion Army Official Issues
2011 Iain Stevenson
The Victorian Letter Card
2012 Bob Galland
The First Three Surface Printed Postage Stamps
2013 Peter Shaw
The Decimal Castles 1988–1999 and the problems encountered
2014 Tony Stanford
The British Bechuanaland ½d Vermilion
2015 Main: Ray Simpson
Evolution of British Stamp Perforation 1840 to 1880

One-frame: Robert Benninghoff
The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914–1926
2016 Martin Lloyd
GB Line Engraved One Penny Stamps Used in Malta with 'A25' Cancellations
2017 Tony Walker
The Pre-Decimal Machin High Values
2018 Robin Cassell
Fores's 'National' Series of Mulready Caricatures
2019 Chris Symonds
The Victorian £1 Oblong Postage Stamps 1883-1901
2020 Chris Harman
Bank Note Duty
2021 Maurice Buxton
Queen Victoria ½d Pink Stamped to Order Postcards

Martin Willcocks Award 1979-date

The Martin Willcocks Award was donated by noted postal historian Martin Willcocks who was President 1980-1982, for an entry of postal history.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1979 D. Marwick
1980 L. E. Wright
1981 A. D. Allen
1982 Alan Sabey
1983 James Grimwood-Taylor
1984 J. M. Jackson
1985 Bob Champion
1986 Vivien Sussex
1987 A. M. Gilbert
1988 W. R. Murton
1989 Bob Champion
1990 Vivien Sussex
1991 H. G. Parsons
1992 Gilbert Wheat
1993 G. A. Osborn
1994 A. M. Gilbert
1995 Phil Kenton
1996 Harry Dagnall
1997 Alan Moorcroft
1998 John Bohn
1999 Bob Champion
2000 Phil Kenton
By British to and from Argentina/Brazil/Uruguay
2001 Michael Brooks
KEVII Late Fees
2002 James Grimwood-Taylor
Overseas Postal Rates from the 1840s to the Start of the General Postal Union
2003 A. Green
Post Office Act 12 Car II c35,
29 December 1660
2004 Michael Lockton
Exeter Cancellations 1840–1860
2005 Alan Holyoake
The Introduction of Registered Mail
2006 Graham Booth
Spoon Cancels of England and Ireland
2007 Rex Clark
Manuscript Franks, 1652–1715
2008 Max Melrose
Parcel Labels and Associated Postmarks, Channel Islands
2009 Maurice Buxton
'A Distinct and Separate Service' - Registration of Overseas Mail 1795–1841
2010 Howard Hughes
The Transition from Red to Black Ink During the Maltese Cross Era
2011 Graham Booth
London Numbers in Maltese Cross
2012 Bob Galland
Failed Frees, A Reappraisal of Handstamps
2013 Tim Lediard
The Edinburgh and District Penny Post
2014 Alan Holyoake
Early Merchant Post
2015 Main: Howard Hughes
The Maltese Cross

One-frame: Alan Holyoake
The Origins of Express Mail
2016 Maurice Buxton
Insured Mail Irregularities
2017 Graham Booth
Brunel's Steamship 'Great Britain'
2018 John Davies
Elliot's Imitation of the Jubilee Envelope
2019 Phil Cheetham
Evolution in Reverse: The Post Magazine Address Panel and its Decorative Borders
2020 Michael Lockton
London Late Fee Mail to Overseas Destinations, Pre-Paid in Cash
2021 Nick Amor

MacPherson Cup 1979-date

The MacPherson Cup was donated by Revd R. MacPherson (who died in 1977), for an entry on any philatelic subject by a member who has not received any previous award in competitive philately.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1979 W. R. Murton
1980 I. Dixon-Patterson
1981 Only one entry
1982 Only one entry 1983 M. J. Hopkinson
1984 Insufficient entries
1985 G. J. Raspin
1986 Miss L. Curtis
1987 J. Heath
1988 Charles Reid
1989 Not awarded
1990 Ian Harvey
1991 Not awarded
1992 C. G. Bishop
1993 D. V. Brookfield
1994 Peter Tanner
1995 H. Gessler
1996 T. Dewsnap
1997 M. E. Bolt
1998 No entries
1999 Tim Lidiard
2000 Jack Clark
'Four Kings' - Definitive booklet panes of six
2001 Not awarded
2002 Nick Wraith
The Liverpool Penny Post
2003 C. Dupplin
The Provisional Issue 1880
2004 David Milsted
Postally Used O.W. Official Overprints 1896–1904
2005 Capt. W. Keegan
The 1d Black and 2d Blue
2006 George King
Printed Postage Impressions
2007 Nick Amor
Victorian First Days
2008 Ms J. Burnett
Great Britain Line Engraved, Plates 1–11, 1840–1841
2009 Gruffydd Evans
A Study of Queen Victoria Line-Engraved 2d Blue Plate 4
2010 Tony Stanford
Military and Army Telegraphs
2011 No entries
2012 Martin Bomford
5d Machin Cylinder Blocks
2013 Chris Jones
The Imperforate Issues of Great Britain (1840–1853) Cancelled Contrary to Regulations
2014 David Leathart
The Demonetised Stamps of Queen Victoria (1841–1901)
2015 Main: Nick Wraith
The Parcels Post

One-frame: Ken Burr
Mail from the United Kingdom to the Italian Peninsular from the Late 18th Century to the GPU
2016 Richard Hobbs
Great Britain Victorian Propaganda Envelopes
2017 Robin Morton
Postmarks of Leith from 1800–1840
2018 No entries
2019 Chris George
Smallpox - Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination Postal History and Ephemera
2020 Andy Donaldson
The Official Protective Underprints Service
2021 Chris Hibbert
Multiple Strikes of the Maltese Cross

Theo Jones Open Class Salver 1999-date

The Theo Jones Open Class Salver was presented in memory of Theo Jones (who died in 1996), for an entry on any philatelic subject, which can contain material not eligible for inclusion in the other Competitions.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1999 Ken Brown
2000 Richard Payne
2001 Michael Brooks
Novelty Postcards
2002 Tony Walker
Royal Navy
2003 John Bohn
It began with Mulready
2004 E. J. Weeks
A Wounded Soldier's Journey Home
2005 Max Melrose
The 1919 Railway Strike
2006 Tony Walker
The Fleet Post Office Ships WW1
2007 Fred Taylor
Post Office C.O.D. Service
2008 John Bohn
Postal Art
2009 Tony Walker
The Battle of the Falkland Islands 1914
2010 Chris Harman
Embossed Adhesive Stamps Overprinted Large 'Inland Revenue' 1860 to 1874
2011 John Tingey
The Englishman who Posted Himself
2012 Glenn Morgan
The Development of British Postage Printed On Site
2013 Tony Walker
Wings & Squadrons of the Royal Naval Air Service in World War 1
2014 Max Melrose
Parcel Post Private Labels
2015 John Davies
A Jubilee Reminiscence: The Conversazione and Exhibition at the Guildhall
2016 Glenn Morgan
An Olympic Effort
2017 Stephen Teuma
London Stamp Exhibitions 1890–1960
2018 Maurice Buxton
The Post Office Savings Bank
2019 John Davies
The 1890 London Philatelic Exhibition
2020 No entries 2021 Mike Mood
The Basic Letter Rate to Europe 1986-2010

Secretaries' Cup 1976-date

The non-competitive Secretaries' Cup, donated by two past Secretaries, Philip D'Arcy and Richard Payne, can be awarded at the Judges' discretion to an entry in any of the Competitions.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1976 Revd R. L. MacPherson
KGV 1912–22 Shades
1977 L. Wilkinson
1978 No competitions
1979 Dr R. W. Powell
1980 I. Dixon-Patterson
1981 G. A. Millson
1982 A. M. Gilbert
1983 M. J. Hopkinson
1984 Mrs H. Wellstead
1985 M. R. Sefi
1986 Miss L. Curtis
1987 D. L. S. Ogden
1988 F. Pierpoint
1989 A. C. Fieldhouse
1990 R. C. A. Payne
1991 A. Moorcroft
1992 C. G. Bishop
1993 G. D. Mark
1994 Lady Mairi Bury
1995 T. Pickering
1996 Dr J. Rundo
1997 H. Dagnall
1998 Dr S. Kelly
1999 Mike Bolt
2000 Not awarded
2001 R. Galland
Official Franking
2002 Ray Barton
The Sideways Experimental Duplex
2003 P. Dawson
A Study of the KGVI 10s Ultramarine of 1942–1951
2004 Chris Harman
'Give us back our 11 days'
2005 Robin Tibbenham
Fluorescence of Guernsey Wilding Regional Stamps
2006 Rex Clark
The Franking System 1760–1807
2007 Max Melrose
Post Office (Parcels) Act 1882: Early Labels and Cancellations
2008 David Milsted
Queen Victoria 'Army Official' Issues 1896–1904
2009 Richard Thomas
Welsh Postal History 1840–42
2010 Mike Osborne
At Sixes and Sevens
2011 Iain Stevenson
Flying Down to Rio
2012 Chuichi Ota
British Post Office Telegraph Stamps
2013 George King
Delivered by Royal Mail
2014 Max Melrose
Victorian High Values for Postage
2015 Larry Haber
The Halfpenny (Decimal) Machin
2016 Richard Hobbs
Great Britain Victorian Propaganda Envelopes
2017 Dave Simmons
Suburban Receiving Houses of London
2018 Not awarded
2019 Maurice Buxton
'Red Cards': Mail Deemed Unacceptable at the Postcard Rate
2020 Kevin Maunder
The Repaired Impressions of Die I Penny Red Plate 17
2021 John Roe
1883-84 Issue Lilacs and Greens

Overseas Members' Awards 2005-date

Year General Philately Postal History Year General Philately Postal History
2005 O. Sundstrom (Sweden)
The Postal Reform, 1839
Al Hurst (Canada)
Mail in Northumberland 1600–1739
2006 Walter Kaltwasser (Chile)
Line Engraved Issues, 1840-1879
Malcolm Suttill (South Africa)
The Postal Reforms
2009 Malcolm Suttill (South Africa)
The One Penny Lilac Stamps, Proofs and Usage
Al Hurst (Canada)
Post History of Northumberland - The Early Years
2012 Chuichi Ota (Japan)
British Post Office Telegraph Stamps
Malcolm Suttill (South Africa)
Wensleydale (with Bedale - Post Town)
2015 Not separately held
(see above)
2018 Mary Pugh (Canada)
Great Britain Underprints 1982-1987
No entries
2021 Malcolm Suttill (South Africa)
From line engraved to surface printed - The 1879 and 1880 Tenders
Tim Schofield (Australia)
Machine Cancellations and Postmarks Produced in GB During the Early Trial Period 1857-58

History of the GBPS Awards

The GBPS Awards are given to mark significant achievements in the field of GB philately, or contributions to the Society. The candidates are discussed at the last GBPS Council meeting before the Annual General Meeting every year, and the awards presented at the AGM itself.

The first award donated was the President's Prize (for research), presented by Harold Fisher in 1976. The Literature Field Award (for a book or major work) was presented by Messrs Woods of Perth (Printers) Ltd in 1987. These awards are generally at the discretion of the President, in consultation with the GBPS Past Presidents or Vice-Presidents (unless they are potential recipients), and may be withheld if it is considered there is no suitable candidate.

There are two awards for contributions to the Society in the previous year; The GB Journal Cup (for best GBJ article) was presented to the Society by Alan Gilbert in 1994 and awarded for the first time in 1995, and the Alf Kirk Award (for best display) was introduced in 2001. The Harry Dagnall Thank You Award was presented to the GBPS by Harry in 1992, and is intended to acknowledge a significant contribution to the Society over time.

President's Prize 1976-date

Awarded at the discretion of President and Past Presidents to an author who has done most to further the research and advancement of British Philately. The award is NOT restricted to GBPS members.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1976 Robson Lowe 1977 W.A.Wiseman 1978 Not awarded
1979 Harold Fisher 1980 Not awarded 1981 Not awarded
1982 Not awarded 1983 Not awarded 1984 Not awarded
1985 Not awarded 1986 Not awarded 1987 Reg Powell
1988 Michael Gould 1989 Mike Jackson
Downey Head
1990 Not awarded
1991 Douglas Muir 1992 The Lord Spens and Gerry Bater 1993 Michael Astley
King Edward VII issues
1994 Not awarded 1995 Not awarded 1996 Harry Dagnall
1997 Gerry Bater
(awarded posthumously)
1998 Not in Newsletter 1999 Ken Statham
Line-engraved 1d and 2d
2000 David Rowse
Book: 'Rainbow Trials'
2001 Phil Kenton (and in memory of Harry Parsons)
Book: 'Early Routings of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company 1842–1879'
2002 Peter Worsfold
Book: 'King George VI Low Value Definitive Stamps'
2003 Toby Messenger
Articles (GBJ): 'The first paper contract for QV Line-Engraved Stamps'
2004 Graeme Webster
Article (GBJ): 'KGV Seahorses - Trial Impressions'
2005 Vincent West
Book: 'The Post Office and the Colleges'
2006 Bryan Kearsley
Book: 'Discovering Seahorses'
2007 Bob Galland and Dick Armstrong
Articles (GBJ): 'Returned Letter Wrappers'
2008 John Gowland
Articles (GBJ): 'Perforation of the Early Photogravure Low Value Stamps'
2009 Douglas Muir
Article (GBJ): 'Downey Head Printed Off-set - A Mystery Explained'
2010 Terry Pusterla
Book: 'King Edward VII One Penny Manual'
2011 Not awarded
2012 Peter Shaw
Articles (GSM): Wilding Castle Issues 1955–58
2013 Not awarded 2014 Edward Klempka
Book: 'The Dollis Hill Find'
2015 Not awarded 2016 Douglas Muir
Book: 'King George V Printing Plates 1911–34'
2017 David Escott
Book: 'Perforation Fingerprints'
2018 Tom Slemons
Book: 'Suffolk Postal History & Postal Markings to 1844'
2019 Alan Druce
Book: 'Perkins Bacon Great Britain Line-Engraved Postage Stamp Printing 1840 to 1846'
2020 Colin Tabeart
Book: 'British Long Distance Mail Packets 1793-1815'
2021 James Grimwood-Taylor
Book: 'International Postal Reforms'

Literature Field Award 1987-date

Awarded at the discretion of President and Vice-President(s) for the most significant published work by a Society member in the field of GB Philately. Any book, article or series of articles published in the previous two years (by the Society or not) is eligible.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1987 Marcus Samuel 1988 Harry Dagnall 1989 Martin Willcocks & Barrie Jay
1990 Not awarded 1991 W.A. Wiseman 1992 Not awarded
1993 Jane & Michael Moubray
Book: 'British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875'
1994 Glenn Morgan
Book: 'Royal Household Mail'
1995 Harry Dagnall
1996 Jean Alexander 1997 Ken Statham 1998 Not in Newsletter
1999 Not awarded 2000 Mike Jackson
Book: 'May Dates'
2001 David Rowse
Book: Rainbow Trials'
2002 Robert Johnson & Gordon Peet
Book: 'British Postal Rates 1937 to 2000 - Dulac, Wilding and Machin Issues'
2003 John Barefoot
Book: 'GB Revenue Catalogue'
2004 Peter Langmead & Alan Huggins
Book: 'The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain'
2005 Theo Brauers
Book: 'Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of Great Britain on Cover'
2006 Bryan Kearsley
Book: 'Discovering Seahorses'
2007 Ray Simpson & Peter Sargent
Book: 'Stamp Perforation: The Somerset House Years 1848-1880'
2008 Alan Huggins & Colin Baker
Book: 'Collect British Postal Stationery'
2009 David Rockoff & Mike Jackson
Books: 'Encylopaedia of The Maltese Cross Cancellations of Great Britain and Ireland' (Vols 1/2)
2010 Bob Galland & Karl Louis
Book: 'Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855–1883: Low Values 2½d to 2s'
2011 Rex Clark
Book: 'Rates to Reform'
2012 Not awarded 2013 Not awarded
2014 John Horsey
Book: 'The £5 Orange'
2015 David Duncan Turner
Book: 'Ocean Penny Postage'
2016 Paul Ramsay & Alan Mynott
Articles (GBJ): 'Dubarry Advertisements in British Stamp Booklets'
2017 Russell Taylor
Book: 'English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853–1870', 2nd edn
2018 Ian Baker, Michael Sanig, David Graham, Bill Shand
Book: 'The Scottish Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1813-1839 & Welsh Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1836-1839'
2019 Not awarded
2020 Edward Klempka
Numerous articles published in Gibbons Stamp Monthly
(awarded posthumously)
2021 John Davies
Book: 'A Jubilee Reminiscence - A Philatelic History of the Great Britain 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee'

The GB Journal Cup 1995-date

For the best article in the previous year's volume of The GB Journal.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1995 Don Madden 1996 Bob Galland 1997 Ray Barton
1998 Not in Newsletter 1999 W. de L. M. Messenger
Line-Engraved Plates
2000 Terry Pusterla
'A Survey of the 480-Crown Mill Street Paper Types, 1880–1913'
2001 James Grimwood-Taylor
'Hot Cross Buns'
2002 Robert Maushammer
'The Bradbury, Wilkinson 2s 6d Seahorses'
2003 Austin Davis
'Transitional Condition of the One Penny Die 2'
2004 Malcolm Ray-Smith
'Early British Letters'
2005 Trevor Harris
'The King Edward VII Column'
2006 Jerry Miller
'From Hill to Bickerdike: The Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of England 1857–1901'
2007 Tim Burgess
'The Prince Consort Essay Revisited'
2008 Gavin Fryer
'The Production and Use of the KGVI Dulac Adhesives'
2009 Ray Simpson
'Combination Covers'
2010 Harry Dagnall
'Paper: the Essence of Postal History & Philately'
2011 Tony Walker
'Cambridge University Colour Trials of 1969'
2012 David Slattery
'The Blueing of the Penny Red: A New Approach to an Old Problem'
2013 Mike Jackson
'Downey Head 1d Die 1a Perf 14'
2014 Tony Walker
'The 6d Pre-Decimal Machin Definitive'
2015 David Slattery
'The QV Penny Red - Renewal of the Perkins Bacon Contract 1856'
2016 Peter Shaw
'Decimal Castle High Values 1988– 1999: The Missing Queen's Head'
2017 Ian Harvey
'George V Perforations on Photo­gravure Definitive Counter Sheets'
2018 Mike Jackson & in memory of Anthony Wicks
'A Record of the Alnwick Stamp Office Archive during Early May 1840'
2019 Peter Young
'Die Proofs of De La Rue (2)'
2020 Matthew Healey
'Chasing the 2d Tyrian Plum'
2021 Andrew Patmore
'One Penny Reserve Die 1'

Alf Kirk Rosebowl 2001-date

For the best display to the Society in the 12 months prior to the pre-AGM Council meeting.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
2001 Gilbert Wheat
Victorian Surface Printed Covers
2002 Bob Galland
Queen Victoria Surface Printed - Study and Research
2003 Graham Mark
Censorship of Civilian Mail During World War I
2004 Pam West
English Banknotes
2005 Andy Donaldson & Louise Ayling
Protective Underprints and Overprints
2006 Max Melrose
Parcel Post Labels and High Values
2007 John Dahl
Mounting, Displaying and Exhibiting
2008 Ray Barton
Sideways, Spoons and Scots Locals
2009 Alan Huggins
Embossed Adhesive Stamps and Postal Stationery
2010 John Forbes-Nixon
Postal History leads to Stories
2011 Peter Wood
Postal History of Ireland 1839-1921: Postal Reform to Independence
2012 Mark Samwell
Coloured Cancellations of the 1850s
2013 Steve McGill
Britain's Marvellous Machins
2014 Edward Klempka
GB Essays, Trials, Proofs and Specimens 1840–1990
2015 Tony Walker
British Naval Mail in World War One
2016 Jean Alexander
Supermarket Philately
2017 Hugh Jefferies
GB Specialised Catalogue Day
2018 James Grimwood-Taylor
GB Used in GB Pre 1840 to 1940
2019 Phil Waud & Dave Willmer
The Story of the QV Jubilees
2020 Ian Pinwill
The Post Office Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain 1875-1881
2021 GB & CWPS (SUI) and FgGB (GER)
Zoom display, multiple contributors

Harry Dagnall Award 1992-date

Awarded by the President to acknowledge a significant contribution to the Society.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1992 Roger White
Many years the Society Auctioneer
1993 Mike Jackson
Editor of The GB Journal
1994 Robert Folkard
Many years of Society work
1995 Peter Sargent 1996 Leslie Wilkinson 1997 Michael Sefi
1998 Not in Newsletter 1999 Peter Tanner
2000 Bill Bird
President in difficult times, Chairman of Council, Programme Secretary
2001 Harry Dagnall
Many years of work and support for the GBPS
2002 Mike Jackson
20 years as editor of the GBJ
2003 Tony Walker
Continuing excellent contribution to the GBPS Newsletter
2004 Allan Jones
Services to the Society
2005 Ian Harvey
Co-ordinating printing and distribution of GBPS publications, in addition to work as Treasurer
2006 Vincent West
Programme Secretary
2007 Tony Walker
GBPS Newsletter editor since 2000
2008 Tony Wiseman
Eight year stint as the Society’s KEVII Consultant
2009 Ian Harvey
Tireless work for the Society, especially tasks not necessarily part of the Treasurer's job
2010 Roger Bailey
Programme Secretary, and tasks not part of the job, particularly organising 2010 Society Dinner
2011 Leslie Wilkinson
Continued contribution to smooth running of Society for 35+ years since President in 1986
2012 Peter Tanner
Continuous service on Council since 1995 encompassing three jobs
2013 Edward Caesley
Organising Annual Competitions for a number of years, ensuring all runs smoothly on the day
2014 Maurice Buxton
Time/effort put into continually updating and improving the Society website
2015 Howard Hughes
Time/effort put into organising the Society's Diamond Jubilee Festival at Spring Stampex 2015
2016 Don Davies
Eleven years as Society Secretary
2017 Janet Bygate
Publicity Manager and time and effort put into organisation of the York weekend meetings
2018 Michael Lockton
Services to Society over many years including Postal History Consultant, Displays, President
2019 Andy Donaldson
Five years organising meetings as Programme Secretary
2020 Maurice Buxton
Services managing the website over the past twelve years
2021 Paul Ramsay
Newsletter editor 2014-20 and much help and assistance to GBPS