Miscellaneous Official Documents

Official publications from the Post Office or other branches of the government, containing much information on the posts of the time.

Index to the Post Office Circular 1861-1912
[52pp, 36.8Mb, 1912]
Photos of volume in the Postal Museum, used with permission

Dictionnaire des bureaux de poste
[1628pp, 183Mb, 1909]
Official UPU list of Post Offices worldwide - large!

1846 Postage Convention between Great Britain and Prussia
[107pp, 7.4Mb, 1847]
In both English and German

Postal Conventions between UK and USA 1848-71
[53pp, 4.3Mb, 1848-71]
By kind permission of the US Philatelic Classics Society

UPU Convention of Washington
[106pp, 21Mb, 1897]
Including the Detailed Regulations

The Post Office - An Historical Summary
[147pp, 20Mb, 1911]
Published by authority of the Postmaster-General

Manual of Army Postal Services: War
[26pp, 6.6Mb, 1937]
Published by HMSO

Report on the Progress of Civil Aviation 1939-1945
[264pp, 1Mb]
WW2 airmail routes:
transcribed by John Wilson

Plans for the Postal Museum
[20pp, 37.3Mb, 2015]
A GBPS Diamond Jubilee Festival Presentation