Customs Act 1662
(14 Cha 2 c.11)

An Act for preventing Frauds, and regulating Abuses in his Majesty's Customs.

Note: This is a lengthy Act of 38 clauses dealing with the rules for customs inspections. Only one clause relates to the Post Office, and so it seemed best to simply quote the preamble and the relevant clause.

'Forasmuch as it appears, that several unlawful and indirect Means and Devices are daily put in Practice, to export and import Goods and Merchandizes prohibited by the Laws and Statutes of this Kingdom, as also to defraud the King's most Excellent Majesty of his Dues, Customs and Subsidies, as well by secret and deceitful Designs, as by open Force and Violence used against the King's Majesty's Officers employed in the Affairs of the Customs:'


XXII. Be it also enacted, That no Ship, Vessel or Boat, appointed and imployed ordinarily for the Carriage of Letters and Pacquets, shall (unless it be in such Cases as shall be allowed by the said Person or Persons which are or shall be appointed to manage his Majesty's Customs, or Officers aforesaid) import or export any Goods or Merchandize into or out of the Parts beyond the Seas, upon the Penalty of the Forfeiture of one hundred Pounds to be paid by the Master of the said Vessel or Boat, with the Loss of his Place, and all Goods and Merchandize that shall be found on Board any such Ship, Vessel or Boat, shall be forfeited and lost.