Shops Act 1911
(1 & 2 Geo 5 c.54, 16th December 1911)

An Act to amend and extend the Shops Regulation Acts, 1892 to 1904.
[16th December 1911]

Note: this is an important Act dealing with the working conditions of shop assistants. It is not quoted fully below, but one clause gives specific differences where the shop is also a post office (i.e. a sub post office, basically) which seemed worth referencing here.


10.—(1) Where Post Office business is carried on in any shop in addition to any other business, this Act shall apply to that shop subject to the following modifications:—
  1. If the shop is a telegraph office, the obligation to close on the weekly half-holiday shall not apply to the shop so far as relates to the transaction of Post Office business thereat:
  2. Where the Postmaster General certifies that the exigencies of the postal service require that Post Office business should be transacted in any such shop at times when under the provisions of this Act relating to the weekly half-holiday the shop would be required to be closed, or under conditions not authorised by this Act, the shop shall, for the purpose of the transaction of Post Office business, be exempted from the provisions of this Act to such extent as the Postmaster General may certify to be necessary for the purpose:

    Provided that in such cases the Postmaster General shall make the best arrangements that the exigencies of the postal service allow with a view to the conditions of employment of the persons employed being on the whole not less favourable than those secured by this Act.

(2) Save as aforesaid, nothing in this Act shall apply to Post Office business, or to any premises in which Post Office business is transacted.