Economy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1926
(16 & 17 Geo 5 c.9, 16th June 1926)

An Act to make provision for reducing in respect of certain services the charges on public funds and for increasing, by means of the payment into the Exchequer of certain sums and otherwise, the funds available for meeting such charges, and to amend accordingly the law relating to national health insurance, unemployment insurance, the registration of electors and the holding of elections, education, bankruptcy and companies winding-up fees and certain other fees, and postmarks, and for purposes related or incidental to the matters aforesaid.
[16th June 1926]

Note: This is a long Act that (as the title suggests) covers a wide range of topics. Only the clause below directly relates to the Post Office (giving authority for the use of advertising in postmarks), and so only this is quoted here.


17. For the purpose of removing doubts it is hereby declared that the marks to be used by the Postmaster-General for the purpose of cancelling stamps used for the payment of the postage chargeable on postal packets may consist of such words or devices as the Postmaster-General may in his discretion think proper, including words or devices constituting advertisements in respect of the use of which as postmarks payment is made by any persons to the Postmaster-General.