Parliamentary Reports

Official reports made by the order of Parliament, either from the Post Office itself or from various commissions of inquiry.

10th Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Management of the Post Office (transcription)
[63pp, 492Kb, 1838]
Registration of Letters:
transcribed by Maurice Buxton

First Report from the Select Committee on Postage
[529pp, 47Mb, 1838]
Investigation into the feasibility of Penny Postage, with testimony from Hill, Wallace etc

Indexes to Parliamentary Reports and Papers Relating to the Post Office 1735-1839
[497pp, 45.1Mb, 1840]
Listing of reports, with summaries of contents

Report from the Select Committee on Postage
[707pp, 61Mb, 1843]
Progress report on Penny Postage, with extensive testimony from Rowland Hill

Report from the Secret Committee on the Post-Office
[147pp, 10.4Mb, 1844]
The report on postal powers to intercept letters in the wake of the Anti-Graham campaign, it also included texts of almost all the extant papers of the English Postal Service from 1252 to the Restoration in 1660