FgGB Philatelic Weekend 2019, Wesel

AGM Meeting - Venue Change

Forschungsgemeinschaft Grossbritannien, our German sister society, are holding their annual Philatelic Weekend in Wesel (Germany) from 4-6 October 2019 with some 60-70 collectors from all over the world expected to take part. For further information if you would like to attend see this thread.

(1 Mar 2019)

As the RPSL are moving premises, they will provide an alternative venue at the Dorchester Hotel for the 22 June AGM meeting (cost neutral to us). See this thread for further details including transport links.

(19 Feb 2019)


Project - Inks of the Penny Red

New KEVIII/KGVI Consultants 2018

A group led by Mike Williams (our Line Engraved Consultant) are looking to set up a project to conduct scientific experiments to establish once and for all the make up of the inks of the 1841-1857 period. Sources of funding are being sought, and any help from interested parties would be greatly appreciated. For full details see this post or email Mike.

(6 Nov 2018)

At the AGM, Stephen Sayer handed over the reins to two new GBPS consultants -- Barry Stagg for Edward VIII, and Graham Winters for George VI. Many thanks to all these gentlemen!

(26 Jun 2018)


New GBPS President 2018

GB Journal - Complete Downloads

At the AGM John Davies took over from Howard Hughes as the new GBPS President. Howard continues in his other role as the GBPS Advertising Manager.

(24 Jun 2018)

JAD6.jpg All the GB Journals from vol.1 onwards are now available for download by members, as either single copies or complete volumes, together with full contents lists and indexes.

(19 Jun 2018)


New KEVII Consultant 2018

Event Photo Galleries

Alan Vaughan has kindly agreed to take on the role of the society's Edward VII consultant from the retiring Ken McBride. Our thanks to both gentlemen!

(15 Mar 2018)

alan-vaughan.JPG A new "Galleries" section has been added for the display of photographs taken at various GBPS events, beginning with the pictures from the York weekend in July.

(25 Sep 2017)


Pre-stamp Inland Postal Rates

QEII Pre-Decimal Archive Information

A listing of inland pre-stamp postage rates is now available in the Rates section. This should hopefully provide enough information for enlightenment rather than confusion!

(29 Jul 2017)

prestamp.jpg Peter Shaw has made his transcriptions of data from the Postal Museum files in POST 52/735-744 available to members. These have details for all the QEII pre-decimal cylinders and plates.

(16 Jun 2017)


Duplicate Library Books for Sale

New Membership Secretary 2017

The GBPS Library has a number of duplicate books, so we have decided to offer these for sale to our members on a first come first served basis. See here for a list of the books currently available - contact the Librarians Matthew and Cheryl Toomey for ordering details.

(22 May 2017)

At the start of the year Victoria Lajer took over from the long-serving Peter Tanner as the GBPS Membership Secretary. For contact details for membership enquiries please see here.

(15 Jan 2017)


Display Archive Updates

Library Updates

Updates to displays include PDFs of many, Graham Horton's KEVII Essays & Proofs, Tom Slemons' Suffolk P/H, and several unusual short displays supplied by Glenn Morgan.

(24 Sep 2016)

olympic-effort.png Many new books have been added to the library, including the recent publication The Mulready Postal Stationery by Alan Huggins and Alan Holyoake, and a large selection of local postal history studies (particularly strong in Yorkshire).

(30 Jul 2016)

GBPS Trading Forums

New GBPS President 2016

We've created a new section called the GBPS Trading Forums that allows you to trade material with fellow collectors. You'll need your member login (register here if you don't have one yet). Instructions were in Newsletter 360, and are also here on the site.

(29 Jun 2016)

At the AGM Howard Hughes took over from Bob Galland as the new GBPS President, also taking over Bob's other role as the GBPS Advertising Manager.

(11 Jun 2016)


New GBPS Secretary 2016

London Postal History Group Archive

At the AGM Phil Waud was elected as the GBPS Secretary, taking over from the long serving Don Davies who had been in the job since 2005!

(11 Jun 2016)

secretary-waud.jpg The London Postal History Group (active 1971-2009), have kindly provided copies of their archives in PDF format -- both the journal and the LPHG publications. See the downloads section.

(1 Mar 2016)


Airmail Leaflets 1919-72

Diamond Jubilee Festival Summary

Copies of most of the official airmail leaflets issued between 1919 and 1972, giving rates, routes and timings, are now available as PDF format files in the downloads section.

(21 Feb 2016)

airmail-leaflet.jpg Details of the various presentations for the GBPS Diamond Jubilee Festival 2015 -- both the Spring Stampex entries and talks and the RPSL display -- can be found archived here.

(17 Jan 2016)


Mobile-Friendly Updates

New Book - Mulready Postal Staty

The GBPS site has been adapted to be readily viewable on small screens such as mobile phones and tablets. You should now be able to view pages without horizontal scrolling, even on a phone with the screen vertical!

(2 Jan 2016)

mobile-noborder.jpg An important new book by Alan Huggins and Alan Holyoake on the production and use of the Mulready postal stationery, fully illustrated in colour. Price £40. Details here.

(12 Nov 2015)


New Book - KGV Printing Plates

New Displays

This new book records detailed information about the production and use of the printing plates for George V stamps, extracted by Douglas Muir. Price £60. Details here.

(11 Oct 2015)

kgv-printing-plates.jpg New displays since last update: early express, KGV commemoratives, telegraphs, British Levant, and Jean Alexander's Stampex meeting display of Supermarket Philately.

(20 Sep 2015)


New Competition Secretary 2015

Diamond Jubilee Presentations

At the AGM Robin Cassell took over as the GBPS Competition Secretary. His first task will be to prepare for the 2016 events, back to our usual RPSL venue after a year out at Stampex for the Diamond Jubilee.

(27 Jun 2015)

cassell.jpg Links to the most of the presentations given during the Diamond Jubilee festival (mostly in PowerPoint format) have been added to the list in that section of the site.

(26 Apr 2015)


Three New Displays

New Book - English & Welsh Spoons

Three new displays have been added: Chris Jones's Diamond Jubilee festival entry Cancellations on the Imperf Line Engraved, Andy Donaldson's Overprints & Underprints, and Edward Caesley's Stamp Dealer Mail.

(21 Apr 2015)

imperf-le-cancellations.jpg The GBPS are updating and reprinting the Richard Arundel books on duplex postmarks. This is the second, revised by Russell Taylor, and is now available priced £35. Details here.

(16 Mar 2015)


Diamond Jubilee Festival Displays

Downloads Section

Three displays from the Diamond Jubilee festival have been added: Max Melrose's superb 18-frame High Values QV to QEII, Maurice Buxton's KGVI STO postal stationery, and Ingo Egerlandt's BEF FPOs 1939-40.

(15 Mar 2015)

high-values-qv-qeii.jpg Many new books and documents have been added to the downloads page, including Harvey Russell's listing of flaws and varieties on the KGV Silver Jubilee booklet stamps.

(7 Mar 2015)


New Book - Ocean Penny Postage

GBPS Diamond Jubilee Festival 2015

A major new study by David Duncan Turner explores the history of Elihu Burrit's campaign for an Ocean Penny Postage, and illustrates and catalogues the known envelopes (£70). Details here.

(9 Feb 2015)

ocean-penny-postage.jpg Details of the events and displays for the GBPS Festival in connection with Spring Stampex 2015 are now listed on the site. Details here.

(21 Dec 2014)


Library Updates


Two significant new books added to the GBPS library are Great Britain: Failed Free Handstamps of the Franking System by Robert Galland and John Colton, and Perkins Bacon Archive No.4 Printing Account Books Books 1840-1846, edited by Frank Walton.

(15 Nov 2014)

If you're using a feed reader to keep up to date with sites, you can now add one for the GBPS via our RSS feed, with the most recent news items, website updates, and new discussion board threads, and a notice of meetings coming up.

(11 Sep 2014)


Library Updates

iCalendar File

New books have been added to the GBPS library, including Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790-1935. Banknotes and Postage Stamps by Gary Granzow, The £5 Orange by Dr John Horsey, and Perkins Bacon Archive No.3 Engraving Books 1840-1845, edited by Frank Walton.

(4 Aug 2014)

A list of forthcoming meetings can now be downloaded in iCalendar format (suitable for importing into Outlook and other calendar software).

(3 Aug 2014)


New GBPS President 2014

Site Updates

At the AGM Bob Galland took over from Michael Sefi as the new GBPS President, with John Davies taking over in Bob's old Vice-Presidential role.

(14 Jun 2014)

galland.jpg Recent additions include downloads of handouts from meetings , the full GBPS rules, and an expanded links section.

(28 May 2014)


GBPS History

New GBPS Newsletter Editor 2014

We have added some historic information for interest and reference -- the past Society officers, the competition award winners, and GBPS programmes from the 2001-2 season on.

(26 Mar 2014)

gbps-programmes.jpg Paul Ramsay from sunny California is the new editor of the GBPS Newsletter, taking over from Howard Hughes (who is organising the Diamond Jubilee event). So make sure he gets plenty of articles ...

(1 Mar 2014)


Library Updates

The Plating of the Penny

New books have been added to the GBPS library, including Perkins Bacon Archive No.1 General Account of Postage Labels 1840 and Perkins Bacon Archive No.2 Postage Stamp Warrants 1840-1845 edited by Frank Walton, Great Britain: The 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary Envelopes by Alan Huggins and Edward Klempka, and a number of recent GBPS publications.

(13 Feb 2014)

John McCulloch's superb online tool for plating 1d Reds using the Fisher-Brown system is now hosted on the GBPS site (including the "E-Gauge" for measuring). Details here

(25 Jan 2014)


GB Journal and Newsletter Downloads

Library Updates

Back copies of the GB Journal and the GBPS Newsletter from 2000 onwards in PDF format can now be downloaded by members.

(4 Jan 2014)

gbj-downloads.jpg New books have been added to the GBPS library, including Rates to Reform - A Guide to the High Postage Rates in Great Britain and their Reform 1812-1840 by Rex Clark, Predecimal Machins - The Foundation of an Iconic Series by Tony Walker, and a range of society journals on CD or DVD.

(17 Nov 2013)

New Programme Secretary 2013

GBPS Email Addresses

Andy Donaldson has taken on the important job of organising the programme of GBPS meetings and obtaining speakers for them! For the current results see here.

(15 Nov 2013)

donaldson.jpg The GBPS officers and consultants now all have "@gbps" email addresses (e.g. will remain the same when new officeholders take over and hopefully ensure that messages go to the right person! List here.

(1 Nov 2013)

New GBPS Librarians 2013

Downey Head Plating Studies

The GBPS Library is now in the capable hands of Cheryl and Matthew Toomey, who have been working diligently on an updated listing of what is available -- including a number of new additions.

(7 Oct 2013)

toomeys.jpg A selection of Mike Jackson's plating studies of the Downey Heads are now available in the Displays section.

(23 Sep 2013)


New Discussion Boards

New Book - The Dollis Hill Find

The GBPS Discussion Boards have been transferred to a new phpBB platform which offers us much greater speed and many more options. Please take a look!

(8 Sep 2013)

discussion-boards.jpg A new book by Edward Klempka is a record of the 1958-72 Wilding phosphor trial stamps from the Forster archive, including previously unknown varieties (£20). Details here.

(5 Sep 2013)


Decimal Castles

Back in Stock

Members who could not attend the Lancaster meeting can now see Peter Shaw's Gold Medal display of these QEII high values in the Displays section.

(1 Aug 2013)

decimal-castles.jpg We now have a small quantity of R.A.G.Lee's book The Penny Lilac, Part 2 available again.

(28 May 2013)


GB Journal and Newsletter Contents

A Jubilee Reminiscence

Full listings by volume, author, and subject are now available for the GB Journal from 1983 to date and for the GBPS Newsletter from 2000 to date.

(1 May 2013)

John Davies has provided selected sheets from his Gold Medal display of the material connected with the 1890 celebrations of the Penny Postage Jubilee for the Displays section.

(17 Feb 2013)


New Book - Uniform Penny Post

The Mulready and its Advertisements

This book by Steve Walker lists all the known types of Handstruck Paid Postage Stamps of the Uniform Penny Post 1840 to 1853 (£15). Details here.

(4 Feb 2013)

uniform-penny-post.jpg Tom Slemons has provided selected sheets from his All-American display of this classic postal stationery for the Displays section.

(21 Jan 2013)


Story of Advertising through the Post

Downloads Section

Members who could not attend the meeting where Colin Baker showed his fine display of postal advertising material can see a 192-page selection in the Displays section.

(10 Dec 2012)

advertising-through-post.jpg A new section consists of freely downloadable documents that provide information of interest to GB collectors, such as Mike O'Hara's explanation of the High Value Packet and Bankers' Special Packet services. Details here.

(29 Sep 2012)

Book Updates

New GBPS President 2012

PDF files of updates for Great Britain Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-83, Discovering Seahorses, Collect British Postal Stationery, The Post Office and the Colleges, and volumes 1 and 4 of The Plating of the Penny 1840-1864 have been added. Details here.

(18 Jul 2012)

At the AGM Michael Sefi was elected as President for a second time. Only GBPS founder Ron Lee had previously taken on the role twice. Michael is the current Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection.

(16 Jun 2012)