Chronicle articles are listed on a single page for each volume, with the page numbers, titles and authors listed by issue – there were four issues per volume (except for the first volume which had five).

Titles of features that appeared on a regular basis are highlighted in a different colour. Some of these, such as "Mostly Machins" are self-explanatory, others such as "Phil-Lit Up" (philatelic literature) are more cryptic due to Tom Current's penchant for puns! In the early issues especially, some blocks of short notes on "current events" have been grouped together as simply "GBCC Business".

Some sections varied slightly in name over the years, so have been listed here under a single variation to ensure they are grouped together. One particular case of note is the feature that appeared as "Births", "Births, New Issues", "Stamp Births" and other names – these have been indexed under the generic title "New Issues etc" for clarity.

Complete Deegam reports were included in some editions – these have been omitted for copyright considerations (resulting in an occasional "jump" in page numbers). They can however be obtained from Deegam Publications.