Subjects: 'I'

4 I Had a 1/- Bummer!
128 An Icon for the Ages: America Commemorates the Penny Black by Keith Johnson
120 The Ideal Stamp by Michael Peach
109 Identifiable Warship Mail of WW2 by Paul Phillips
112 Identifying Early Machin Definitives from Booklets and Coils by Duncan Barber
101 Identifying the 1st NVI Gold Machins by Harry Vallangeon
9 Illustrated Aerograms by Arnold Weiss
34 Imperforate QV Surface Printed
118 Imperial Airways: 1935 Test Airmail Covers to India by Jerone R. Hart
116 An Important Cover from Essex during the Penny Black to Penny Red Transition Period by Tom Slemons
79 In the Spotlight: Douglas Myall, Machin expert and Deegam founder by Gordon Milne
80 In the Spotlight: Michael Dixon & Ann Triggle, U.S. Commissioners For London 2000 by Gordon Milne
81 In the Spotlight: James E. Kloetzel, Scott Catalogue Editor by Gordon Milne
82 In the Spotlight: David Gentleman, Doyen of British Stamp Designers by Gordon Milne
83 In the Spotlight: Tom Current, GBCC Founder by Gordon Milne
85 In the Spotlight: Jeffery Matthews, designer of the Machin colour palette by David Alderfer, Larry Rosenblum
86 In the Spotlight: John Holman, Editor of the "British Philatelic Bulletin" by Gordon Milne
87 In the Spotlight: James Mackay, Britain's most prolific philatelic writer and famed postal historian by Gordon Milne
88 In the Spotlight: James Grimwood-Taylor, CEO of Cavendish Auctions & Postal Historians' Postal Historian by Paul Phillips
89 In the Spotlight: David Aggersberg, Stanley Gibbons' Catalogue Editor by Gordon Milne
90 In the Spotlight: Jennifer Toombs, prolific international stamp designer by Gordon Milne
91 In the Spotlight: Janet Klug, former GBCC President and current APS Vice-President by Gordon Milne
92 In the Spotlight: Bill Barrell, well-known GB stamp dealer and long-time GBCCer by Gordon Milne
93 In the Spotlight: The Bath Postal Museum by Gordon Milne
94 In the Spotlight: Chris Miller, noted collector of, and expert in, World War II Censored Mail by Gordon Milne
95 In the Spotlight: Douglas N. Muir, Curator, Philately of Heritage, Royal Mail by Larry Rosenblum
96 In the Spotlight: John & Tina Carlson, Proprietors, Jet Stamps by Larry Rosenblum
98 In the Spotlight: Greg Wilkie, Head of Stamps Operations, Royal Mail by Gordon Milne
99 In the Spotlight: Tony Walker, Editor of the GBPS Newsletter, Machin Exhibitor, Member of the Royal Mail Stamp Advisory Committee by Tim Burgess
102 In the Spotlight: Michael Sefi, Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection by Larry Rosenblum
108 In the Spotlight: Karl Louis, Philatelic Expertiser and Sleuth by Tim Burgess
117 In the Spotlight: David Beech, Head of Philatelic Collections, the British Library by Tim Burgess
153 In the Spotlight: James Grimwood-Taylor, 16 years after the first interview by Paul Phillips
140 In What Rate Period Was This Mailed? by Jeff Modesitt
105 Incoming President's Message by Tim Burgess
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41 Indexes
118 Instant Postal History by Tom Myers
29 Intensive Collecting (Part 1) - Plates, OPs, Etc by Alan Sandy
30 Intensive Collecting (Part 2) - The Imperf 1d and 2d by Alan Sandy
31 Intensive Collecting (Part 3) - Plating the Penny Stars by Alan Sandy
135 Interesting Usage of the QEII Coronation Series
129 International Redirection - No Charge by Michael Peach
158 Introduction of Officially Perforated Postage Stamps: Distribution and Issue - February to April 1854 by Ray Simpson
41 Introduction of the Mileage Mark
146 An Introduction to Coil Stamps Used in Ireland by Robert Benninghoff
25 An Introduction to the Channel Islands
127 Invalid Stamps on Cover - Great Britain by Michael Peach
156 Invalidated & Demonetized ... Or Was It? by Jeff Modesitt
82 Inverted Watermarks and the Scott Catalog by Larry Rosenblum
14 Irish Covers Trigger Time Roll-Back by Basil Hunter
143 Is It a Setoff or an Offset Image? by Steve McGill
133 Is this cover a KGVI Coronation Cover or not? by Enrique Setaro
43 It's Your Call by Benzion Marks
44 It's Your Call by Benzion Marks
45 It's Your Call by Benzion Marks