The British Postal Museum hold appointment records for all employees of the Post Office from 1831 to 1956, and amongst these is the following file, archive Finding Number POST 58/39:

Appointments register, giving the town, name of deputy postmaster, date of appointment, other occupations, who vacated the position and why, the date of the vacancy, and the penalty of bond. Arranged alphabetically at first, and then chronological from 1829.
In other words, it contains the details of the (Deputy) Postmaster responsible for each Post Town in England and Wales. The register commences with an alphabetical list (by Post Town) of all Deputies who were in office on 5th January 1829 and it then proceeds, chronologically, until June 1849.

In addition to the details above, where a Deputy was being appointed for the first time the documents have additional comments stating "on the establishment of the office", providing an indication of when the Post Town was established.

The following data covers the entire register and contains all the available data, together with the additional comments. It is presented by Post Town, by County, and chronologically.

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