Air Letter Rates 1944-date


1971: unusual use of an adhesive stamp on an airletter form to Canada
A Vernons Pools coupon is printed on the inside
Air Letters (also variously referred to as aerogrammes and airletters) were first introduced in the latter stages of World War II. The concept was a form made of thin, lightweight material that would not take up much valuable weight on an aircraft. The concept was continued after the war.

The normal aerogrammes were prepaid postal stationery, although private forms paid by adhesive stamps were acceptable. The prices given below are the selling prices for standard postal stationery aerogrammes sold singly – until 1986 (1989 for the special Scottish commemorative issues) they bore an imprinted stamp for that amount. Subsequent issues have an NVI stamp, although pictorial versions were sold at a premium. However, packs of six of both types at discounted prices were available from January 1989.

Between 1972 and 1981 two different sizes were available, and the larger versions cost more. This was reflected in the value of the stamps printed on them.

(If anyone can help me fill in my run of the required leaflets I'll add the pictorial and discount prices. Recent editions of the rates leaflets have not always included prices for airletters.)


Date Small Large Date Small Large Date Small Large Date Small Large
(7 Jun)
6d 1966
(3 Oct)
9d 1971
(15 Feb)
4p 1971
(1 Jul)
(26 Apr)
5p 6½p 1973
(10 Sep)
6p 7p 1975
(17 Mar)
8½p 9p 1975
(29 Sep)
10½p 11p
(20 Aug))
12p 12½p 1980
(4 Feb)
14p 14½p 1981
(26 Jan)
20p 1982
(1 Feb)
(5 Apr)
26p 1988
(5 Sep)
27p 1989
(2 Oct)
30p 1990
(17 Sep)
(16 Sep)
34p 1993
(1 Nov)
36p 1999
(26 Apr)
37p 2000
(27 Apr)
(8 May)
42p 2006
(3 Apr)
48p 2010
(6 Apr)
79p 2011
(4 Apr)