Express Rates (1947)-1980


1975 - 10p first step Zone B airmail + 40p express fee, First Day use of Architecture set to famous conductor Sir Georg Solti, Chicago Symphony Orchestra musical director 1969-92

Overseas express post was available (indeed, much more useful) with airmail, and allowed the sender to prepay the foreign fee for express delivery at the destination according to the local regulations.

It was not available to all countries, or necessarily to all places in countries that did offer it, and only covered basic express delivery – which usually meant in the vicinity of the office of delivery. So it was still possible for an addressee to be charged extra if they were outside this boundary. The fees were usually (but not always) the same as the inland fees.

For the full rates table from 1892 see under surface mail, but the rates covering the period from 1947 are repeated below for convenience.

Express Delivery was rebranded and enhanced as "Swiftair" in 1980.

Date Fee Date Fee Date Fee Date Fee Date Fee
(13 Jun)
6d 1956
(1 Jan)
1s 1966
(3 Oct)
2s 1971
(15 Feb)
10p 1971
(1 Jul)
(24 Jun)
40p 1975
(29 Sep)
60p 1979
(20 Aug)
80p 1980
(4 Feb)
£1.00 1980
(12 Oct)
Last day