Recent Additions

The following is a list of all books, journals etc added to the GBPS Library since the stocktaking done by the Toomeys in 2013 upon taking charge, in reverse date order.

8th February 2023

Stan CHALLIS, Irish Diamonds – The Numeral Postmarks of Ireland from 1844. Chichester: Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 2022. 448pp.

Ian HARVEY, Great Britain Books of Stamps with Invalidated Panes, 1904‑1943. GBPS, 2022. 60pp.

Peter JOHNSON, Mail by Rail. Yorkshire: Penn and Sword Books, 2022. 296pp.

Stanley Gibbons, Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue. Stanley Gibbons, 2022.

Collect British Stamps, 74th edition. Stanley Gibbons, 2023.



Worldwide and Great Britain (23 Jun 2022)
The David Brown Collection of GB Stamps and Covers (6 Jul 2022)
Worldwide and Great Britain (13 Oct 2022)
Worldwide and Great Britain (15 Dec 2022)

18th January 2022

William BLACKWOOD, Plan for Expediting the Mail from London to Edinburgh, reprint 2021. Edinburgh, 1822. 36pp.

Alan HUGGINS and Tony WICKS, The 1840 Embossed Wyon‑Whiting Essays. Royal Philatelic Society, 2021. 187pp.

David TRAPNELL and M. V. D. CHAMPNESS, Adhesive Wafer Seals. Chancery House Press, 1996. 152pp.

Posting Delayed by the Post Office Strike 1971 Cachets (listing), in 3 hardback folders.

Stanley Gibbons, Collect British Stamps, 73rd edition. Stanley Gibbons, 2022. 326pp.

18th January 2022


Excelsior (Journal of the Empire State Postal History Society), Whole No. 34, September 2021

1st June 2021

Peter CHADWICK, The Flat Topped Three of the London District Post. Author, 2020. 40pp.

John DAVIES, A Jubilee Reminiscence. Royal Philatelic Society, 2020. 332pp.

Neil SARGENT, Victorian Halfpenny Stamped‑to‑Order Post Cards 1872 -1901 (An illustrated guide and preliminary catalogue). Author, 2020. 42pp.

10th December 2020

Theo BRAUERS and Erich KIRSCHNECK, Briefverkehr von Vereinigten Konigreich nach Skandinavien vor Juli 1875. Forschungsgemeinschaft GrossBritannien e.V., 2020. 204pp.

Eric BUCKLEY and Ronald WARD, Sheffield Postal History from earliest times to 1850. Yorkshire Postal History Society, 1969. (YPHS Publication No. 3) 

Charles CALVERT, The History of the Manchester Post Office 1625‑1900. Manchester: J E Lea, 1966. 

Manchester Penny Posts 1793‑1840. Manchester: J E Lea, 1969. 

H. CLARKSON and H. C. VERSEY, Leeds Postal History from earliest times to 1858. Yorkshire Postal History Society, 1970. (YPHS Publication No. 4) 

W. DAVID, C. BODY and Martin CRAVEN, Slogan Postmarks of Kingston upon Hull. Yorkshire Postal History Society, 1978. (YPHS Special Series No. 3) 

G. H. R. HOMER‑WOOFF, The Postal History of Abingdon. Author, 1987. 24pp.

The Postal History of Wallingford. Author, 1987. 26pp.

Peterborough Postmarks. A study of the marks found on letters to and from Peterborough and the local postal area of responsibility from the Restoration to the 20th Century. Author, 2006. 21pp.

Eric LEWIS, Sheffield Posts in Peakland. Yorkshire Postal History Society, 1979. (YPHS Publication No. 13) 

James MACKAY, Islands Postal History Series. Author 620pp. (Scottish Islands series) 

Don C. WALTON, The squared circle postmarks of Yorkshire. Yorkshire Postal History Society, 1973. (YPHS Special Series No. 1) 

8th March 2020

David R. BEECH, A Guide to Philatelic Research at the British Library. David R. Beech, 2019. 50pp.

David ESCOTT, Archer's First Roulette Fingerprint, No 5 in the Perforation Fingerprints Series. David Escott, 2019. 230pp.

Treasury Roulette Fingerprints, No 4 in the Perforation Fingerprints Series. David Escott, 2019. 230pp.

David FOSTER, The Postal History of Berwick‑upon‑Tweed. Scottish Postal History Society, 2015. 171pp. (Monograph Series No. 4)

Don HILDITCH, The Postal History of Elgin. Scottish Postal History Society (Monograph Series No. 3)

Keith MORRIS and Mike DOVEY, The Travelling Post Office Cancellations of Great Britain and Ireland. TPO and Seapost Society, 2016. 232pp.

Charles OPPENHEIM (ED.), A History of the Royal Philatelic Society London, 1869‑2019. Royal Philatelic Society, 2019. 291pp.

Howard SUMMERS, Bibliography of the Philately and Postal History of the British Isles. Howard Summers, 2020. 210pp.

Vincent WEST, The Court Bureau, A London Company and its Stamps 1889‑91. Royal Philatelic Society, 2019. 99pp.

10th December 2020


Derbyshire Messenger (Derbyshire Postal History Society), Volumes 1‑7 in PDF format 

East Anglia Postal History Study Circle Bulletin (East Anglia Postal History Study Circle), Nos. 41 (1972) to No. 99 (1991) in PDF format 

Essex Post, Volumes 1 (No. 1) to 4 (No. 1) in PDF format 

Journal of the Somerset and Dorset Postal History Group (Somerset and Dorset Postal History Group), Volumes 1‑6 in PDF format 

The Kent Post, Various volumes 1‑34 in PDF format 

Lancashire and Cheshire Mail (Postal History Society of Lancashire & Cheshire), Volumes 6‑14 in PDF format 

2nd June 2019

Alan DRUCE, Perkins Bacon Great Britain Line‑Engraved Postage Stamp Printing 1840‑1846, in 2 volumes. Royal Philatelic Society, 2018. 1247pp.

Robert GALLAND and Karl LOUIS, Forgeries of the Great Britain 2s Brown of 1880. Royal Philatelic Society, 2017. 80pp.

Kenneth SNELSON and Robert GALLAND, The Returned Letter Offices of Great Britain to 1912 and Beyond. Royal Philatelic Society, 2017. 486pp.

Frank WALTON, The Sub‑office Postmarks of Sheffield.. Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2018. 406pp. 

W4 Think Tank, The Future of Philately as seen in 2018. 26pp.

23rd December 2018

Richard ARUNDEL and Russell TAYLOR, English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853‑1870, revised edition. GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2015. 174pp.

Harry DAGNALL, Looking at Old Legal Documents. Mike Jackson Publications, 2017. 48pp.

David ESCOTT, Genuine and Fake Perforations, No 3 in the Perforation Fingerprints Series. Mike Jackson Publications, 2018. 320pp.

Gavin FRYER, British Printed Papers by Post 1836 to 1876. Stuart Rossiter Trust, 2018. 744pp.

Douglas MUIR, King George V Printing Plates. GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2015. 210pp.

David Duncan TURNER, Ocean Penny Postage. GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2015. 416pp.

Post Offices in the United Kingdom November 1977. HMSO, 1977. 533pp.

The Parcel Post Labels of the Midland Counties (Midland (GB) Postal History Society No. 7). Midland (GB) Postal History Society, 2018. 264pp.

Post Office Philatelic Bulletins, Volumes 1 and 2, reprint.

18th March 2018

George AYRES, History of the Mail Routes to Ireland until 1850, 2nd edition., 2017. 140pp.

History of the Main Mail Routes from London until 1850., 2017. 258pp.

Ray BARTON, The English and Welsh Sideways Duplex Handstamps and their Recuts. 96pp.

Jane MOUBRAY and Michael MOUBRAY, British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840 to UPU, 2nd edition. Royal Philatelic Society, 2017. 511pp.

1st November 2017

Dr John M GLEDHILL, British and Islands Postal Stationery Provisionals. GB Overprints Society, 2017. 198pp.

16th July 2017

David ESCOTT, Perforation Fingerprints: A guide to measuring, analysing and identifying the perforations of fiscal and postage stamps. Mike Jackson Publications, 2014. 320pp.

Archer Perforation Fingerprints: No. 2 in the perforation fingerprint series. Mike Jackson Publications, 2015. 157pp.

Thomas SLEMONS, Suffolk Postal History and Postal Markings to 1844. Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 2017. 585pp.

Anthony WICKS, Chalmers versus Hill: The saga that rocked the Victorian philatelic world. Mike Jackson Publications, 2012. 156pp.

14th May 2017

Hugh FELDMAN, London Letter Receivers 1652‑1857, a History of their offices and hand stamps within the General. Penny and Twopenny Posts, in 2 volumes. Postal History Society, 1998.

London Letter Receivers 1652‑1857, a History of their offices and hand stamps within the General. Penny and Twopenny Posts, Supplement No 1.

Roger JOHNSON and Frank WALTON, Edwin Hill's Diary 1840. Royal Philatelic Society, 2016. 129pp.

John PARMENTER and Ken GORDON, GB Used Abroad: Cancellations and Postal Markings.

John PARMENTER, Professor Cedric PRYS‑ROBERTS and Ken SMITH, Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales Volume 1 – Wales, revised edition. 208pp.

John PARMENTER and Ken SMITH, Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales Volume 2 – Bedfordshire to Durham, revised edition. 306pp.

Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales Volume 3 – Essex to Kent, revised edition. 265pp.

Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales Volume 4 – Lancashire to Nottinghamshire, revised edition. 268pp.

Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales Volume 5 – Oxfordshire to Sussex, revised edition. 268pp.

Barred Numeral Cancellations of England and Wales Volume 6 – Warwickshire to Yorkshire, revised edition. 233pp.

19th April 2017

Ian BAKER, David GRAHAM, Michael SANIG and Bill SHAND, The Scottish Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1813 – 1839 & The Welsh Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax 1836 – 1839. Scottish Postal History Society, 2017. 376pp.

Stephen FERGUSON, The Post Office in Ireland – an Illustrated History. Irish Academic Press, 2016. 448pp.

Ian HAMILL and Roy GAULT, Great British Perfins found on King George V Seahorses 1913‑1939, 2nd edition. Orpington: Perfin Society, 2017. 142pp.

16th July 2017


The Quarterly (Journal of the British Association of Paper Historians), Nos 23 and 30, including articles on watermarks in early postage and fiscal stamps

14th May 2017


British Postmark Society Quarterly, Volumes 2 to 28 (1959‑1985)

Scottish Post (Journal of the Scottish Postal History Society), Archive edition on CD (Spring 1979 to Winter 2013) 

28th July 2016

J. Manwaring BAINES, Hastings and The Royal Mail. 16pp.

Neil BLAIR, The Postal History of Perth. 27pp.

Watson BOLCKOW, The Postal History and Postal Markings of Stockton‑on‑Tees. 46pp.

Daniel BRIGGS, The Bristol Post Office In the Age of Rowland Hill 1837‑1864. 22pp.

Stanley BROWN, Perth and Philately – The Last 20 Years. 33pp.

Shetland and Philately. 23pp.

Eric BUCKLEY, Yorkshire Postal History Society No 5 – Wakefield Postal History. 45pp.

Harry D. CARLING, The Story of the Cambridge College Messenger Stamps : 1882 -5. Cinderella Stamp Club, 2014. 65pp.

E. R. CHAMBERS, The Postmarks of Oxford 1705‑1978. 45pp.

M. V. D. CHAMPNESS, Saffron Walden – Some Aspects of the Postal History of an Essex Market Town. 28pp.

W. W. CLARKSON, Postal History – Falkirk. 35pp.

The Post Office In Falkirk & District. 56pp.

Rex CLARK, Manuscript Town Markings on Early Scottish Mail. 147pp.

Brian CLAYTON, Wakefield's Postal History – Service Through the Centuries. 27pp.

Duncan CLOSE, Sanquhar Post Office – Oldest In The World. 120pp.

William COCHRANE, The Glasgow Penny Post. 238pp.

Robert COLES, History of Communications in South West Hampshire: Volume 1 – The Development of The Postal Service and Transport. 142pp.

History of Communications in South West Hampshire: Volume 2 – Village Post Offices. 148pp.

History of Communications in South West Hampshire: Volume 3 – Postal and Other Communications. 177pp.

Peter COPELAND, Gloucester's Postal History. 77pp.

John CORRIE, The Dumfries Post Office 1642‑1910. 81pp.

James COURTNEY, A Postal History of Darlington. 44pp.

Roy ERSKINE, Wilsons of Bannockburn. 171pp.

Eric FORD, Shepton Mallet – An Historical and Postal Survey. 120pp.

Peter A. FORRESTIER SMITH, Bishop's Stortford – An Outline Postal History. 92pp.

Craven FOWLER, Yorkshire Postal History Society No 7 – Postal History of Kingston upon Hull, Hedon and Holderness. 198pp.

Jeremy GREENWOOD, The Posts of Sussex – The Chichester Branch 1250‑1840. 110pp.

S. D. HANSON, The Postal Service in Walthamstow. 43pp.

Stephen HARPER‑SCOTT, Sent by Mail – The Story of Histon & Impington's Post. 22pp.

Norman HILL, The Postal History of Rotherham and District.

Paul HILL, The Story of Hinckley's Postal Service. 62pp.

John HOBBS, Postmarks of Worthing 1806‑1981. 40pp.

Postmarks of Worthing 1806‑1987. 146pp.

Bill HOGG, Dundee Post. 91pp.

G. H. R. HOMER‑WOOFF, The Postal History of Wokingham. 52pp.

The Postal History of Newbury. 36pp.

The Postal History of Wantage. 24pp.

Alan HUGGINS and Alan HOLYOAKE, The Mulready Postal Stationery. GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2015. 211pp.

Bryan HUNT, Postmarks and Postal Markings of Southampton 1700‑1914. 58pp.

The Post In Southampton – From the Collection of Bryan Hunt. 72pp.

Parker HUNT, The Royal Mail in Bedworth 1825‑1925. 47pp.

Brian JOHNSON, Alderbury's Post Office. 16pp.

M. KING, Newark on Trent – A History of Its Post. 43pp.

Jo KIRKHAM, Rye Memories – The Postal History of Rye. 84pp.

Britnor LATHAM, An Introduction to the Postal History of Reigate, Redhill and District. 31pp.

Frank LAWLESS, Chimney Stacks and Penny Blacks. 46pp.

N. B. LYONS, Rickmansworth & Its Place in the English Postal System. 70pp.

James MACKAY, St Kilda – It's Posts and Communications. 73pp.

The Postal History of Glasgow. 220pp.

Postal History of Dumfries. 120pp.

Scotland's Post. 199pp.

D. J. MUGGLETON, A Postal History of Cambridge. 136pp.

Roy PALMER, Leighton Buzzard Postal Markings – with Pictures of Local Post Offices. 60pp.

Stephen PARKIN, Postal Markings of Scotland to 1840, 2nd updated. 146pp.

R. E. F. PEGG, The History of Norfolk Undated Circular Handstamps 1828‑1860. 291pp.

K. J. SMITH, Cambridgshire Post Offices. 12pp.

Ken SMITH, The Post Offices of Kent and East Sussex. 106pp.

John SOER, The Postal History of Ashby‑De‑La‑Zouch. 58pp.

W. G. STITT DIBDEN and Tebbut, Stamford Postal History. 50pp. (plus many additional note pages)

J. W. M. STONE, Old‑Down. 25pp.

Jeffrey STONE, The Northeast of Scotland – A Philatelic Miscellany. 63pp.

Roy SUMNERS, An Introduction to Wolverhampton Postal History. 38pp.

Vivien J. SUSSEX, Diss, Norfolk – A Postal History. 79pp.

Ernest TILLEY, The Postal History of Gravesend – Part 1. 77pp.

Derek WALKER, The Worthing Mail. 15pp.

Alan WARD, The Postmarks of Evesham and District.

Ronald WARD and William A. SEDGEWICK, Yorkshire Postal History Society No 11 – The Postal History of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon. 144pp.

Yorkshire Postal History Society No 14 – Sheffield's Post Offices in The Wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill. 80pp.

M. O. WELCH, The Postal History of Somerset 1792‑1837. The Freeling Reports. 313pp.

David WILLIAMS, Durham Postal History. 43pp.

David A. WILSON, The Postal History of Luton and District. 73pp.

Horsham Post. 47pp.

The History of Salisbury's Postal Services. 22pp.

31st May 2015

Dr John M GLEDHILL, Overprinted British Airletters. GB Overprints Society, 2015. 123pp.

Overprinted British Postal Stationery. GB Overprints Society, 2015. 504pp.

15th November 2014

Robert B. GALLAND and John E. COLTON, Great Britain: Failed Free Handstamps of the Franking System. Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 2014. 84pp.

Frank WALTON, Perkins Bacon Archive No.4 Printing Account Books Books 1840 – 1846. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2014.

4th August 2014

Gary GRANZOW, Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790‑1935. Banknotes and Postage Stamps. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2012. 319pp.

Dr John HORSEY, The 5 Orange. London: Stanley Gibbons, 2013. 291pp.

M.A. SAYEED, A Memorable Philatelic Journey. Spink, 2014. 88pp.

Frank WALTON, Perkins Bacon Archive No.3 Engraving Books 1840‑1845. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2014. 155pp.

Vincent WEST, The Postal History of the Oxford Union Society to 1920. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2012. 54pp.

Post Offices in the United Kingdom and Eire July 1941. HMSO, 1941. (Photocopies of selected pages, please ask)

London Post Offices and Streets November 1946. HMSO, 1946. 248pp.

Government White Paper on the Post Office (Cmnd 7292) July 1978. HMSO, 1978. 35pp.

Monopolies and Mergers Commission Report: The Inner London Letter Post 31st March 1980. HMSO, 1980. 129pp.

Post Office Guide, 1980. HMSO, 1980. 481pp.

Monopolies and Mergers Commission Report: The Post Office Letter Post Service (Cmnd 9332) September 1984. HMSO, 1984. 229pp.

Packs and Cards, British Presentation Packs, 1st edition. 198pp.

13th February 2014

Mike Scott ARCHER, Postman's Roots (2000 Years of Letter Carrying in Breconshire). Welsh Philatelic Society, 2003. 30pp.

Richard ARUNDEL, Russell TAYLOR and Howard HUGHES, Brunswick Star Cancels, 2nd edition. Putney: GBPS, 2012. 45pp.

Gerry BATER, Colour prints of close‑ups of various flaws in the Arms and Festival high values, 11 films. 

Alan HUGGINS and Edward KLEMPKA, Great Britain: The 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary Envelopes. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2013. 99pp.

R. KIRK, Australian Mails via Suez 1852‑1926. The Postal History Society, 1989. 324pp.

Edward KLEMPKA, The Dollis Hill Find. Sutton Coldfield: GBPS, 2013. 42pp.

Graham MARK, Cumulative Index to Forces Postal History Society Newsletters 001‑250 (1952‑2001).

Steve WALKER, Uniform Penny Post (Handstruck Paid Postage Stamps of England and Wales 1840‑1853). Sutton Coldfield: GBPS, 2013. 32pp.

Frank WALTON, Perkins Bacon Archive No.1 General Account of Postage Labels 1840. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2013. 189pp.

Perkins Bacon Archive No.2 Postage Stamp Warrants 1840‑1845. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2013. 122pp.


Stanley Gibbons

Great Britain: The Ernest Dale Collection (10 Jun 1969)

4th August 2014


Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Archive Edition 1890‑2009 (please ask for details) 

Philatelic Adviser, Various issues, list on request

13th February 2014


British Philatelic Bulletin, Various issues from Volume 3 onwards (please ask for details)

The British Postal Museum & Archive Newsletter, May/July 2005 – Autumn 2013)

The Midland Mail (Journal of the Midland (GB) Postal History Society), Issues 60‑180

17th November 2013

Rex CLARK, Rates to Reform – A Guide to the High Postage Rates in Great Britain and their Reform 1812‑1840. Morpeth: Rex Clark, 2009. 261pp.

Andreas HAHN, The Invention of Stamps – Essays and Printing Trials from the F.A. Philbrick Collection and the 'Prussian Find'. Andreas Hahn, 2008. 125pp.

Allan HARVEY, Travelling Post Offices & Bag Tenders of Great Britain and Ireland (An Operational History from 1839‑1959). Woking: TPO and Seapost Society, 2000. 79pp.

Roger HOSKING, An Introduction to Ocean Letters. Woking: TPO and Seapost Society, 2002. 55pp.

Ocean Letters – A Sequel. Oxted: the author, 2005. 48pp.

Cyril KIDD, The Irish Mail, 3rd edition. TPO and Seapost Society, 2009. 29pp.

A.D. LOVELOCK, Postal Markings of the Holyhead and Kingstown Packet, 1860‑1925. Woking: TPO and Seapost Society, 2002. 119pp.

John SIGGERS and Norman HIGSON, Further Notes on Wiltshire and its Postmarks. Norman Higson, 2006.

Anthony WALKER, Predecimal Machins – The Foundation of an Iconic Series: Conserved Heritage Volume IV. Dusseldorf: Forschungsgemeinschaft Grossbritannien e.V., 2013. 180pp.

Dr J. T. WHITNEY, Collect British Postmarks, 7th edition. Hemel Hempstead: British Postmark Society, 1997. 352pp.

7th October 2013

Philip BEALE, Adrian ALMOND and Mike SCOTT ARCHER, The Corsini Letters. Amberley Publishing PLC, 2011. 218pp.

George BRUMMELL, Post Office Numbers 1844‑1906, original with cover. Cheltenham: R. C. Alcock, 1946. 210pp.

Paul T. CARTER, Krag Machine Postmarks of Great Britain & Ireland. British Postmark Society, 2012. 277pp.

Dr. N. COLLEY and W. GARRARD, Censorship in the Royal Air Force 1918 to 1965. Chavril Press, 1993. 76pp.

Austin DAVIS, The One Penny Line‑Engraved Shades 1850‑1857: A Collectors Observation & Record of this Interesting Period of Great Britain Philately & Postal History. Austin Davis, 2009. 29pp.

Charles R. ENTWISTLE, Undercover Addresses of World War II, 3rd edition. Chavril Press, 2006. 48pp.

H. L'Estrange EWEN, Priced Catalogue of the Railway Letter Stamps of the United Kingdom 1891‑1903, 1st edition. London: Ewen's Colonial Stamp Market Ltd, 1903. 46pp.

Gavin FRYER, Blindman's Mail: How the Blind have been served by the Post. 165pp.

Michael FURFIE, British Civilian Postage Rates of the 20th Century. Michael Furfie, 2000. 62pp.

International Postage Rates 1890s‑1957. Michael Furfie, 2010.

Robert B. GALLAND and Karl LOUIS, Great Britain Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855‑1883 Low Values 2d to 2s. GB Publications Ltd., 2009. 236pp.

John F. GILBERT, 1st Class Markings on Government Official Stationery, Harry Hayes Philatelic Studies No. 9, revised edition with supplement. Harry Hayes, 1974.

John Spencer GILKS, From Pillar to Post, A pictorial celebration of POST OFFICES. Silver Link Publishing Ltd, 2010. 128pp.

Dr M. H. GOULD, British Naval Post and Censor Marks of the First World War. The Forces Postal History Society, 1984. 135pp.

British Naval Post and Censor Marks of the First World War: Cumulative 2nd Supplement. The Forces Postal History Society, 2003. 44pp.

Howard GRAHAM, Customised Stamp Sheets of Great Britain, 2nd edition. Ridgewood Publishing, 2010.

Alan HUGGINS and Colin BAKER, Collect British Postal Stationery: A Simplified Listing of British Postal Stationery 1840 to 2007. GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2007. 151pp.

Collect British Postal Stationery: Additions and Amendments. GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2010. 11pp.

Mike JACKSON and Robin CASSELL, Twopence Blue Plating Guide Plates 1‑6. Melton Mowbray: Mike Jackson Publications, 2010. 256pp.

Corrections to Twopence Blue Plating Guide, in binder. Mike Jackson Publications, 2011.

Barrie JAY, Early Forces Mail. Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 1997?. 57pp.

Peter JOHNSON, Travelling Post Office 1838‑2004, A Royal Mail London British Philatelic Bulletin. 20pp.

Robson LOWE, The Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1661‑1942. London: Robson Lowe Ltd, 1942. 186pp.

James A. MACKAY, Circular Namestamps of Scotland, 2nd edition. 22pp.

Graham MARK, Prisoners of War in British Hands During World War I: A study of their history, the camps and their mails. Postal History Society, 2007. 258pp.

British Censorship of Civil Mails during World War I, 1914‑1919, Second (Cumulative) Supplement. 24pp.

Imperial & Foreign Mails, Sea Conveyance During War, 1914‑1918 Additional Information. 4pp.

C. W. MEREDITH, Scots Local Cancellations "Matched Pairs": A Review of the Alternative Types. Cheltenham: R. C. Alcock 8pp.

James NEGUS, Connoisseur Catalogue of Machin Stamps, 7th edition. 216pp.

Tony OLIVER and Allan OLIVER, The History of Post Office Training. Post Office Training Schools. A Handbook and Reference Listing. Sarum Publications, 1996. 82pp.

Mike OSBORNE, The Wilding Overprints 1952‑1961. GB Overprints Society, 2009. 32pp.

John PARMENTER, London Late Fee and Too Late Mail 1840 to 1930. Stuart Rossiter Trust & the British Philatelic Trust for the London Postal History Group, 2002. 85pp.

John PARMENTER, A. SHINE and J. HINE, Early Experimental and Inland Branch Duplex Cancellations. London Postal History Group, 2007. 67pp.

F. A. PHILBRICK and W. A. S. WESTOBY, An Appendix to the Postage and Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain (stapled photocopy). 9pp.

Stanley PHILLIPS, Stamp Collecting, 3rd edition. 350pp.

Terry PUSTERLA, King Edward VII One Penny Manual. MIke Jackson Publications, 2009. 210pp.

Alan W. ROBERTSON, The Maritime Postal History of London (Published on the Occasion of The London International Stamp Exhibition 9th to 16th July 1960). Robson Lowe Ltd, 1960.

Prof. David S. ROCKOFF and Mike JACKSON, Encyclopaedia of The Maltese Cross Volume 1 A to L. MIke Jackson Publications, 2006. 181pp.

Encyclopaedia of The Maltese Cross Volume 2 M to Y. MIke Jackson Publications, 2008. 181pp.

Encyclopaedia of The Maltese Cross Volume 3. MIke Jackson Publications, 2008. 204pp.

Alexander J. SEFI, Forgeries and Fakes (based on a paper he gave). 28pp.

David SIGEE, University Mails of Oxford and Cambridge. Matador, 2012. 223pp.

Ray SIMPSON and Peter SARGENT, Stamp Perforation: The Somerset House Years 1848‑1880. London: Royal Philatelic Society, 2006. 370pp.

W. G STITT DIBDEN, Priced Catalogue of British EXHIBITIONS 1840‑1940. Argyll Stamp Company, 1962. 64pp.

John TINGEY, The Englishman who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects. New York: Princetown Architectural Press, 2010. 175pp.

B. H. TOWNSEND and A. BUCKINGHAM, Collect First Day Covers, 12th edition. BBP Publications, 1983. 180pp.

R. M. WILLCOCKS, Postal History of Great Britain & Ireland: A Summarised Catalogue to 1840, 2nd edition.

Roger DE LACY‑SPENCER, The Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain and Ireland 1891‑1947. Moorside Publishing Ltd, 2000. 112pp.

Alan Wilson Ltd, Specialised Machin Catalogue, 2nd edition. Alan Wilson Ltd, 1993.

Candlish McCleary Ltd, 2012 Price List of Great Britain Stamps King George V to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II Pre‑decimal Stitched Booklets. 32pp.

Forschungsgemeinschaft Grossbritannien, FORSCHUNGSGEMEINSCHAFT GROSSBRITANNIEN E.V Bibliotheksverzeichnis. 107pp.

John Lister Ltd, Simplified Variety Catalogue of Queen Elizabeth II Postage Stamps, 8th edition. London: John Lister Ltd, 1965. 95pp.

Royal Mail, 1840‑1990 The Penny Black Anniversary Book. Royal Mail Stamps, 1990. 40pp.

Printed Postage Impressions. A User's Guide. 8 page booklet together with inserts and 20 master design sheets in card sleeve.

Scottish Postmark Group, Scottish Local Namestamps: The Scottish Postmark Group Handbook Number 4. Scottish Postmark Group, 1964. 55pp.

Mileage Marks of Scotland: The Scottish Postmark Group Handbook Number 5. Scottish Postmark Group, 1965. 71pp.

Stanley Gibbons, Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps. Stanley Gibbons, 2001.

Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue. 324pp.

Woodstock Catalogue Co., Woodstock Catalogue of British Elizabethan Stamps. London: Woodstock Catalogue Ltd, 1970.


Christie's Robson Lowe

National Postal Museum Archives (26 Apr 1984)
Historical Letters to Gratious Street; London 1570‑1601 (11 Oct 1988)


John Sussex Collection of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII 'Key Plates' (27 Nov 2002)
Specialist Great Britain Important Line Engraved (17 May 2007)
The Aurelius Collection Part 1 (21 May 2009)
The Aurelius Collection Part 2 (8 Oct 2009)

Matthew Bennett, Inc (New York)

The Michael D Rubin Collection of Great Britain and British Commonwealth (24 Jun 2001)


Alan M. Gilbert Collection of Postage Stamps of Great Britain (23 Apr 1997)
Robert Folkard Collection of Postage Stamps of Great Britain (26 Nov 1998)

Robson Lowe

JB Seymour 19th Century GB Part 3 (7 Nov 1951)
JB Seymour 19th Century GB Part 4 (20 Feb 1952)
JB Seymour 19th Century GB Part 5 (30 Apr 1952)
JB Seymour 19th Century GB Part 6 (29 Oct 1952)
Great Britain Revenue, Telegraph and Railway Stamps (28 Mar 1974)


Philatelic Collection formed by Sir Gawaine Baillie, Bt Vol IV GB Part Two (28 Sep 2005)
The Philatelic Collection of Lord Steinberg Great Britain Mint Multiples (21 Sep 2011)


Stamps and Covers from the Royal Philatelic Collection (17 May 2001)

17th November 2013


Irish Philatelic Society and Irish Study Group Journal, 1960‑2012 on DVD 

Perfin Society Bulletin, Bulletins 1‑375 (1957‑2011) CD 2nd Edition 

Revenue Society Journal, Numbers 1‑88 DVD with Index 

TPO Magazine (Journal of the TPO and Seapost Society), Volumes 1 to 66 (1947 to 2012) DVD with Index 

WPS Newsletter (Journal of the Welsh Philatelic Society), 122,123,124 as PDF on disc 

7th October 2013


Cavendish Chronicle (Cavendish Philatelic Auctions), Numbers 29‑57

GBPS Newsletter, Various issues, list on request

Philatelic Literature Review, Volume 20 1971 Nos 70‑188 (missing 98)

Philately in Scotland, Volume 1, various held, list on request

The Postage Stamp (Edited by Fred J. Melville), Volume 5 Hardbound (Oct 1909‑Mar 1910)

Postal History International (Proud‑Bailey Company Ltd Brighton), Volume 1 No 1 January 1972 – Volume 9 No 6 June/July 1980 (Complete run between dates)

Postal History Journal (Postal History Society Inc, New York), Various between Number 37 May 1974 and Number 75 February 1987 (20 editions)


The Stamp Show 2000 Video. Post Office VHS video tape (2000) 

Zeitungen und postalisch gleichgestellte Publication 1840‑1880. Display by Karl Louis at the Spring Stampex meeting of the GBPS (2002‑03, 37pp)

Great Britain: Development and Use of the First Issues. Display to the Royal Philatelic Society (2008‑03, 32pp)

Secured Delivery of Mail 1450‑1862. Display by Alan Holyoake to GBPS (2012‑06‑16, 50pp)