Great Britain Postal Stationery. Display by Alan Huggins to RPSL (19 Apr 1979, 10pp)

Grossbritanien, Die Tiefdruckausgaben der Vicktorianischen Zeit. Display by Heinz Reck to Forschungsgemeinschaft Grossbritannien, Dusseldorf, Germany (1982, 42pp)

Britannia Depicta: Quality, Value & Security. A National Postal Museum display illustrating the evolution of the image of Britannia on coins, medals & stamps (1993, 10pp)

The Importance of British Revenues in Philately. Display by Gary Ryan to NPS (13 May 1995, 18pp)

Forty Years of Research, Recycling & Recreation. Display to RPSL to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the GBPS (30 Nov 1995, 10pp)

Coloured Cancels of the 1850s - Maps. Display by Mark Samwell to GBPS (15 Nov 1997, 11pp)

The Stamp Show 2000 Video. Post Office VHS video tape (2000) 

Zeitungen und postalisch gleichgestellte Publication 1840-1880. Display by Karl Louis at the Spring Stampex meeting of the GBPS (Mar 2002, 37pp)

Great Britain: Development and Use of the First Issues. Display to the Royal Philatelic Society (Mar 2008, 32pp)

Secured Delivery of Mail 1450-1862. Display by Alan Holyoake to GBPS (16 Jun 2012, 50pp)