Digital Stamps


In September 2015, Royal Mail Wholesale launched "digital stamps", using an Alice In Wonderland 2nd class design or a machin 2nd class design. It was originally a 2 month trial to test the response to mail with a stamp design printed next to the C9 logo and Licence Number.

From 2 May 2016 PPI customers had the option to use digital indica rather than a Postage Paid Impression, with a choice of 3 stamp images: 2nd class definitive letter, 2nd class definitive large letter, and 2nd class special (Alice in Wonderland).

The wavy lines on the Gary Lanham PPI are printed in silver and not the specified black. Others in silver are known.

On the C9 items the digital stamp has no postal function, while on the PPI, it indicates the class of service - 2nd or 2nd large. There are considerable variations in stamp colour, and in stamp size.


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. C9 10001 Licence Holder UK Mail
  3. C9 10001 Licence Holder Lakeland
  4. C9 10002 Licence Holder TNT Post UK (now whistl), 2nd Machin
  5. C9 10002 Licence Holder TNT Post UK (now whistl), Alice
  6. C9 10009 Licence Holder Barclays Bank (Customer) TNT Post
  7. C9 10017 Licence Holder Secured Mail
  8. C9 10018 Licence Holder Brightsource (Agency)
  9. C9 10020 Licence Holder CityPost USA, Alice
  10. C9 10020 Licence Holder CityPost USA, 2nd Large Letter Machin
  11. C9 10020 Licence Holder CityPost USA, Redirection
  12. C9 10022 Communisis (marketing group) — UK Mail, C9 10023 HSBC (Customer), C9 10047 Howard Hunt (Agency)
  13. C9 10031 Licence Holder OnePost (Agency)
  14. PPI 2nd Machin
  15. PPI Alice
  16. PPI 2nd Machin